View Full Version : Cannon or Grudge Thrower?

21-11-2006, 16:15
I would like to get your guys opionion on which is better all around, meaning which can rain the most destruction/havoc upon the enemy.

Either a cannon with rune of forging at 125 pts
a grudge thrower with rune of accuracy at 105 pts

Thanks in advance.

10th clancannach rangers
21-11-2006, 17:02
grudge thrower will be more destructive against most things if it hits the target, but cannonis more likely to hit I think

21-11-2006, 17:07
I prefer the Cannon, but that is my personal preference.

From my the games I have played, the cannon has done more damage more often... but that could be up to how I roll, guess etc...

21-11-2006, 17:30
A grudgethrower does more to thin a large block of ranked infantry. Its down-side is that it can drift in any direction.

A cannon is more reliable in that the only real variable is distance (and misfire, adequately addressed by the rune of forging). Therefore, you can much more reliably make that enfilading shot down a single rank of Chaos Knights.

Against skirmishers, you'll wish you had an organ gun instead of either of these.

Against most armies, I generally default to a cannon and would substitute in other machines as appropriate.

- Gukal

21-11-2006, 20:19
When I first started Dwarfs it was a Canon and Organ Gun all the way. I now do include a Grudge Thrower against any rank & file type armies. Once you get your guessing down and little luck.....a stone dropped right in the middle of any unit is a site any Dwarf lord will appreciate.

You can literally take out 9 - 12 guys...that can be a game changer.