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21-11-2006, 17:47
Hey guys, I'm putting togeather a 40k christmas campaign for my local independent stockists and its going to involve BFG. I'm just wondering given the time frame of approximately 10 weeks and about seven to ten people being involved i'm wondering how bigger sub-sector should i use or should i go for a sector with six subs in it. Its primarely going to be between nids and Imeprials, with the other races having sub plot objectives within it. Also any ideas regarding anyhting else, especially campaign management, would be much appreciated.

Cheers, Rom

21-11-2006, 20:49
If it's 7-10 people over 10 weeks, you'll need (I'd say) about 10-20 subsectors. You want to have a big enough map that people have maneuvering room, and so that there aren't multiple fleet engagements every turn.

21-11-2006, 21:47
Hmm you could even do it in a single subsector. A Battlefleet consists of a hunderd ships or so. hence you could have small battlegroups which fight across this subsector near various worlds.

Hmm, you might want to check out the Anargo Sector Project wiki on how a subsector/sector etc and the battlefleets would work. (just check the link in my sig) For example look at Battlefleet Anargo (http://wiki.anargo-sector.net/index.php?title=Battlefleet_Anargo) as an example of an average Battlefleet, this battlefleet could be split up in various groups each assigned to a certain area/threat. You could also include elements from Space Marine chapters who are fighting in the area.

21-11-2006, 21:53
Really depends on how big you want to make it. If you want everyone to build up their own huge empire, you'll definitely need a full sector with 50-100 systems. If you want for it to be possible to [practically] eliminate other opponents, then I'd go with only two or three large subsectors. In the rulebook, Andy Chambers recommend that you keep it small so people can see things through to the end, and that's a philosophy I like in wargaming.

21-11-2006, 21:59
I'd also advise against over-complicating the campaign system too much. What's already there gives a good campaign without too much extra.

22-11-2006, 04:01
Oh, you're gonna break down your subsectors?

Forget what I said. If you're gonna go by system, you'll need only 4 or 5 subsectors, each with 4 or 5 systems in it.

22-11-2006, 04:40
Sorry in advance but this is going to be a long post.

These are the objectives and a bit of fluff i wrote about the sector. As it stands i've done it both ways I've got one single large sub-sector with about 20 -25 systems or i've got a sector mapped out.

The Aurelius Sector has been isolated from Imperial control for the last two millennia, predominately from severe warp storms that have been affecting the area. Lately, these storms seem to have abated for the moment and it has become necessary to mobilise parts of Battlefleet Tempestus to guard the only jump point to the sector as it has been frequented by a number of Pirates, mainly Human, Ork and Eldar. records of the system indicate that there where six sub-sectors. There was also an indication that a forgeworld was located within the sector though the status and postion of this world is unknown at the moment and is likely to have fallen to ruin.

Starting froces consist of 500 pts per army beginning week 1. Each week army gains an extra 250 points to spend as reinforcements are brought into the sector. Fleets begin with a Cruiser or lesser class plus escorts as a recon in force of the system totalling 300 pts. Each week an extra 300 pts will be added to spend on ships. For races with transports, one transport per player may be taken at the start of the campaign. Extra transports will be made avaiable at one per week for each faction. This may mean that some armies may be limited in the amount of forces that are able to be transported each turn e.g. Total guard armies may number 6,000 pts, but fleet assets can only transport 4,000 pts requiring 2,000 pts to either be left behind or brought up in subsequent turns. See below for errata concerning rules and experience throughout the campaign.

BFG - Campaign Rules, pgs 148 - 159
40k - Earning Experience Points, pgs 242 - 249


Regain 25% control of sector – 250 pts
Regain 50% control of sector – 250 pts
Regain 75% control of sector – 500 pts

Assimilate 25% control of sector – 250 pts
Assimilate 50% control of sector – 250 pts
Assimilate 75% control of sector – 500 pts

1. Through subterfuge and other un-imperial methods, they are to protect the elder crone world – 250 pts + 10 pts/battle
2. Without there knowing, asstist tau efforts (assist Tau four times) – 250 pts
3. There is also rumoured to be a second Blackstone fortress in the system find it and bring it back to the exodite world – 250 pts
4. Protect the Blackstone fortress already under your control. It is activated – 250 pts

To insure the destruction of:
1. Eldar exodite world – 250 pts
2. Destruction of both imperial and hive assets – 250 pts + 10 pts/battle
3. There is also rumoured to be two Blackstone fortresses in the sector, capture them – 250 pt each

1. Protect research facility studying warp hole anomaly. That is after all how you got here – 500 pts
2. Insure the continued third sphere expansion by capturing three worlds and holding them – 500 pts + 10 pts/battle

1. Theres a fight so get stuck in – 10 pts/battle + 10 repair pts/battle
2. For 50 repair pts you can capture an asteroid and convert it into a rok - 50 pts per new rok
3. The mekbyz have come up with a super plan for a 'def starz', a rok of massive proportions. For an extra 100 repair pts one of your rocks is upgraded to a 'def starz'. - 200 vp for each 'def starz'

1. The Eldar are protecting a talisman of Vaul. Destroy it – 250 pts ea
2. Start harvesting Souls – 5 pts/battle
3. There are four artifact worlds located throughout the area which are needed to raise your c'tan lord. Capture and hold these. Allows access to C'tan for HQ choice at half price while worlds remain in necron control - 250 pts
4. Your lord c'tan, when awakened requires nourishing quickly. Locate, capture and hold the binery star system for your lord to feast - 250 pts


Planetary Assault

If you move into a system and there are no garrisons present the system is yours only after you roll a D6 as listed below.

When first starting conquering, planets must be placated before being brought into the folds of your empire. On a D6 roll of 1-5 planet comes peacefully, on a roll of 6 planet refuses. For virgin planetary assaults PDF regiments randomly generated – PDF regiments are Conscript troops as in Codex IG.

Roll D
1,2,3 = 250 pts
4, 5,6 = 500 pts

Also included are any Player forces already included on the planet e.g. IG garrisons + PDF regiments. All planets are supposed to be civilised by humans, except Exodite world, same rule applies but are elder guardian force.

Chaos landing, role D6 as above but instead of PDF they are Chaos worshippers, occurs on any planet that is 1. Under imperial control, 2. Chaos controlled world being invaded by any other force.

Tyranids invading planet, Genestellar cults rise up. D6 same as above.

If orks have invaded or owned this planet previousely and are invading it agian then feral orks rise from the jungle, ash wastes, etc. D6 same as above.

See Appendix for PDF, Worshipper and Genesteeler Cult lists


Transport Capacities

Imperial Transport = 500 pts (Transport must reach planet)
SM Strike Cruiser = 1000 pts (Thunderhawk dropship)
SM Battlebarge = 2000 pts (Thunderhawk dropship)
Chaos Cruiser = 1000 pts (Dreadclaws must reach planet)
Eldar Transport = 1000 pts
Tau Courier Transport = 1000 pts
Ork Rock = 2000 pts (must land on planet)
Def Starz = 3000 pts (must land on planet)
Necron = 1000 pts (any class of ship, land on planet)
Tyranid Hive Ship = 2000 pts (enters low orbit, spores planet)


Cheers, Rom

22-11-2006, 14:26
So you plan on fighting 40k battles for control of the planets? Do players just need to win one 40k game to control the planet - ie capture space port or something? The oveall campaign goals I like - are you willing to have two victors? It may be possible for the Imperium/Hive Mind to win with one of the other players meeting their objectives.

22-11-2006, 14:30
Hmm very impressive map you got there so far man!

22-11-2006, 14:44
Would it be correct to assume you don't have any Ork players involved? Just giving them a single objective at +10pts per battle doesn't seem to give them any chance at all to win. If you consider that all of the forces have the opportunity to score 250pts at a whack, while some have the opportunity to score 500 or more at a time, 10pts per battle isn't likely to motivate many Ork players to get involved.

Other than that, this sounds like a very cool idea!

23-11-2006, 07:59
So far it doesn't look as though there are any ork players getting invloved, if there are i might flesh out the VP's a bit better for them. Some ideas for this would be great as i can't really think of any other reasons an ork would want to fight except Thraka, but his motives where never clear to me. Necrons are sort of in the same boat as the orks as it doesn't look as though theres going to be any players for them either.

Its probably going to be a three tier ladder sort off for planet conquest with it looking something like this:

They essentially need two wins to conquer a planet. Abyway thanks for all the imput so far guys, been a great help.

Cheers, Rom

23-11-2006, 13:02
For the Orks - each battle is a win, and give an increase in the number of VP earned if the Ork Player drags out a planetary conquest (so instead of 2 battles makes it 3). Also may be cool for the Ork Player if any world they land on and get pushed off of has the chance of feral Orks growing there and so an extra force when thy return to conquer the planet.

For the Necrons - their motives have to do with awakening C'Tan and defeating their long time enemies the Eldar and ensuring that no one is able to destroy their gods. So destroying the Blackstones in this situation is a good goal, but the rumor is that there only remain possibly 2 Blackstone Fortresses - last encountered at the close of the 10th Black Crusade (Eye of Terror World Campaign) and one consumed Eldrad Ultwe (Sp?). You may want to give a Necron player the goal of capturing a Binary Star system for their minor C'Tan to feed on, defend a spacial anominal similiar to but smaller than the Monolith or Dicenin (sp phonetic) sphere.

Alright.. follow on question to world conqueroring - system conqueroing? How many battles of Gothic will you have played?

23-11-2006, 14:02
How about if the orks needed to accumulate a certain number of repair points (i.e. unspent points that are not used to repair ships) to represent the construction of an ork space hulk (or rather, turning a captured space hulk into the giant behemoths orks use in space battles)? Would represent Ork raiders having to raid rich Imperial/Tau/Eldar/enemy ork worlds for resources to build this hulk.

Just getting points for winning battles is fair enough, but it's not quite as inspiring as having a defined goal. It's a bit more entertaining to imagine that you're fighting for a specific objective ("Defend the craftworld!"), rather than just calculating that you need to win about 73.2% of your battles in order to win the campaign.

Of course... it's not a major concern if you don't have any ork players :D

Very pretty map by the way, although it does seem to suggest that your sector is a few thousand lightyears across, when it is described in fluff as a 200 x 200 lightyear cube.

23-11-2006, 16:18
Liked your ideas, so i've updated the above posting to include them. Cheers guys, much appreciated.

Mmmmm, maybe made the sector a wee bit big, on the one i'm actually using i've shrunk that down to a single grid square so i'm hoping that'll be about the right size. Also thinking of changing the star chart that i already have there to something that may look like this, still got to edit it some more though.


I'm keeping the system thing simple ATM, with only one battle if necessary going to be fought there if there is a garrison, same as the land battles, if you move into a system that has no garrison left behind its yours without a fight, unless of coase you role up a PDF regiment or something as is stated above. Systems are assumed to have only one habitable planet on them. Actually i may inlude this statement lol in the above.

Cheers, Rom

EDIT: Apoligies that this has grown so big, its starting to range outside of the SG topis area.

23-11-2006, 23:23
100 repair points to get a single rok might be a tad much. I mean, it would take 35 hiveworlds in 3 campaign turns, or something like that :)

25-11-2006, 21:06
100 repair points to get a single Rok is waaaay too much. Maybe 10-20?

Zhai Morenn
25-11-2006, 21:16
I like the objectives you've made here. An idea for the Orks is that maybe the warboss is seeking something akin to a lost Orky Titan army or something such as that. "Da boss 'eard dat der be sum big stommpaz and explodie shootaz here!" Have that objective hidden somewhere in the sector. Or something else- really all you need to attract a warboss is some potential huge explodie weapon.

Also a fun thought relating to the Eldar campaign and I will admit this has some of my personal feelings regarding the eldar mostly frustration at all their great heroes dying or having been lost to them cept for the pheonix lords so why not have one of the Blackstones not just be a recovery objective but a rescue attempt to save Eldrad Ulthran's soul or something akin to that.

And a thought on a potential Necron objective: perhaps capturing relics on different worlds which are needed to awaken their C'tan master as a fun objective.


26-11-2006, 03:13
Hey all, i've edited a few of my posts and put the relevent info in the one big main post. Sorry to anyone new to the topic if it appears a bit disjointed in paces. i've also added the final map that i'll use for the campaign (iknow its a bit bigger then a normal sub-sector, but going for a whole sector seemed to big for the duration of the campaign. Also added a bit about size of forces etc, as i wasn't really happy with the way i had envisioned it before so now everyone gets an equal start. Still though toying with the idea of allowing Imperials and 'Nids to have larger starter fleets and armies though as there objectives are alot braoder.

@ Zhai morenn, I wanted to stay away from tying to close in with the current fluff made by GW, but the idea about eldrab sounds good. I might add it like they are seeing if there is a connection between the fortresses and that if so, see if its possible to commune with eldrad. Hang on i'll try and work some of that in though. Cheers mate.

Did a couple of edits to the ork list as well and reduced points needed for Rok down to 50. This is only five battles per rok which i think is fair, and any lower than this i think would see a plithoughra (sp?) of the things getting around.

Any ways, thanx for the help so far and keep the ideas coming.

Cheers, Rom