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21-11-2006, 17:33
Hi all, I'd appreciate some help on this.

I'm invloved in a fantasy doubles tournament in about a week and would like some input on how i should spend the 500 points on my army.

My partner is playing Vampire counts which causes conflicts with my army (we get a -1 leadership if within 6" of each other).

So far i'm going with:
Orc War Boss (with a Great Axe)
2 Night Goblin Units (20 in each, with netters, CMD, spears, and 2 fanatics each)
And one Orc Boar Chariot

Anyone have any suggestions?

Further tournament rules are:
Must have one and no more than one hero to lead the army.
Must have at least two units but no more than four.
Must have one unit of at least size 10+
Units cannot have more than 25 models.


22-11-2006, 05:48
Do you really want to take goblins?

Vampire's weaknesses would be poor combat ability to back up their large numbers of fear causers, a lack of good missile troops or anything suitably 'hitty'. I would take Orcs given that in mind, letting them to the damage on the charge and having the vampires take the job of protecting your flanks and/or fear autobreaking. Boar Chariots (and any chariots) are devastating in small point games, highly recommended.

I just saw the fanatics and changed my mind. Those things are nasty. Just make sure you keep your distance from your undead buddies, because the last thing gobbos need is a negative modifier to their leadership. Definitely consider Orcs.

22-11-2006, 14:02
Try putting atleast some orcs in, and maybe 5 spider riders. They have poison and can negate ranks.

22-11-2006, 21:11
If I were you, I would take just one unit of gobbos, and a unit of orcs, maybe 15 if you can afford?

24-11-2006, 13:12
What you COULD do is this: make the VC dude use lots o skellies and infantry, and then you will max out on wolriders and spiders + a chariot, this will allow you to flank anything that charges the skellies AND annoy your opponent