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22-11-2006, 06:43
This is the army I will bring to a tournament this weekend. I still have like 3 days left to change stuff so now I want last minute revision from you guys! =) You HAVE to comment, I need all critique I can get. Tell me what you would do if you faced this on a tournament or how you would try to use this list if you played it yourself.

1 Giant
1 Troll
1 Chariot
4 Spear Chuckas

3x5 Spider Riders
2x24 Night Goblin Archers, musician
2 Snotlings
3x28 Night Goblin Spearmen, full command, nets
36 Night Goblin Spearmen, full command, nets
9 Fanatics spread among these units

1 BSB, Martogs best basha, boss hat, light armour
1 Warboss, ulags akkrit axe, iron gnashas, amulet of protectyness, light armour, shield (for concealing item choices only)
2 Shamans, both lvl2, 2 dispel scrolls, nibblas itty ring.

22-11-2006, 08:06
I like the 4 spear chuckas. I would put another dropping the troll, however.

22-11-2006, 10:11
If possible, consider taking spearmen instead of archers. Though goblins are passable archers, the short bow is a poor weapon for ranked regiments with Movement 4.

It *is* allowed to mix the archer models among the spearmen - as long as the majority carry spears and shields the unit is wysiwyg. :)

A single chariot is unlikely to achieve anything on his own. Its best use would be to counter baiting - e.g. if you charge a unit with both the high-movement chariot and a large block of night goblins your opponent must either accept the charge (and possibly lose the combat) or flee and risk losing the unit to the chariot. So it's not a bad idea.

You might want to consider swapping out a unit of Night Goblins for an additional chariot (any type) and some more Trolls.

Even regular Trolls are good value for their points, but in units of three or more they ca actually do stuff. If you just need a speed-bump, then a pair of Snotling bases will be far more reliable. There is the issue of actually *having* the snotlings, though.


22-11-2006, 10:15
Do not forget the tactical advantage of using snotling bases as a fanatic catapult. You place a snotling unit in front of your goblins - the enmy charges the snotlings, gets just within 8" of the goblins, the fanatic(s) catapult through the snotling unit and the enemy unit ends their move on top of the fanatic(s). awesome.

I also wanna throw my lot in with T10 on regards to the trolls. He's been enjoying a fair amount of success with 4 trolls led by a goblin bsb on a giant spider. I plan on blatantly copy that in my own gobbo+ list.



22-11-2006, 10:33
Tell me what you would do if you faced this on a tournament or how you would try to use this list if you played it yourself.

Against this army I'd focus my archers on the spider riders to remove the element of uncertainty. Counter by keeping to forests or obstacles.

I'd initially ignore the bolt-throwers, but eventually detail a faster unit to mop them up. Counter by deploying them in a dispersed fassion. In a horde army like this, the Bolt Throwers may frequently find their line of sight blocked by friendly troops. This isn't too big a problem since they are very cheap anyways.

I'd rely on superior morale to weather the Fanatics and superior hand-to-hand combat ability to win the combats. Be aware that Panic will be the bane of your army.

The Giant can be a problem, but having fought Treemen on all too many occasions I must admit the big softie just ain't that scary. Any shots *not* going into the Spider Riders will be have this guy's addres.


22-11-2006, 13:06
With TK,
I'll try to panic the large infantry block from SS. Use a Casket. Release fanatics early with my Carrion.
With Ogres,
3 Butchers will cast the Panic spells while the Gorger will deal with the Warmachines
With Empire
Shoot the Giant, destroy the Spiders with my cavalry and outmanoeuvre
With WE
Similar, destroy the small units and hope to ambush

Sounds good on paper, whether it'll work ...:p

22-11-2006, 16:12
As an Empire player, I'd use my two regular shooting units and magic to concentrate on the spider riders to cause panic, perhaps breaking 1-2. With units so small, it wouldn't be hard on Gobbo LD. I'd let the cannon rip on the giant and the troll, again, easy kills for a good shot. The Helblaster would focus on the spears, who are likely to be sporting 2-3 fanatics, breaking/destroying(go go misfire-6 first barrel short range!). The chariot I could probably lock down with flagellants until I break it, while Greatswords and Swordsmen + detaches should be able to bust up at least on the spears. Keep in mind this is all hypothetical best case.

To tweak this down, I'd likely bring one unit of archers at most. The chariot is a bit of a waste by itself, better to be replaced with either 2 more spear chukkas or a beefing up of the spider riders to make them harder to break.

22-11-2006, 21:50
I have read all your comments, thank you guys! =) I am in a bit of a rush now so I will post tomorrow again. Anyways, there are strategy cards and scenarios that nerf the following:
1. More magic.
2. Many heavy fast units, eg chariots and cavalry.
3. Alot of shooting.
4. Multiple choices of the same unit.

So nobody can really specialize without suffering the consequences =/ That is why my list is a bit of everything. Also, it is like 80 ppl in this tourney, so I am likely to face any race.

EDIT: Just thought of it: General and BSB will be in the same unit with the Big red raggedy banner for panic reroll on LD8 for most of my army. Also change spearmen unit size to 30 for all of them. I am currently considering dropping the snots to cram more bodies into the list. However, that would leave me kind of short on charge redirectors.

26-11-2006, 18:37
Your three days are up! Report, gawddamnit! Report!