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Brother Octavian
22-11-2006, 20:04
Hello Everyone!

I've had a huge interest in Eldar ever since I started collecting/painting miniatures over a decade ago. Everything about their detailed background, stylish models, and unique form of gameplay appealed to me. With the release of the new codex as well as a fantastic new line of miniatures, I couldn't resist starting up again on my main army of choice.

I've decided to go with the Saim-Hann Craftworld color scheme, so I'll start off with some images of my WIP Vypers and Jetbike!





Feedback as always, is much appreciated!

More pictures are on the way...

Brother Octavian
22-11-2006, 20:09
Here are a few pics of another, less complete Vyper:




...I'll have more pics later today, so check back soon!

22-11-2006, 20:09
WIP? I'd be pretty happy with these as finished models (but then that's just me). Very nice.

23-11-2006, 05:26
they're so gorgeous. I can only dream of painting my eldar that good.

23-11-2006, 05:44
Looking good! I might have to add a Siam Hann army to my list! lol

23-11-2006, 10:52
Gorgeous, fantastic models. I really like the tight highlighting you used.

Did you convert the Shurican Cannon on the bottom of the Vyper or use the one from the Waveserpent kit?

Keep it up! I'm looking forward to seeing more.

23-11-2006, 11:22
Hot stuff!
That red looks awesome... I would love to see a tutorial on this.
Was it hard to get the Guardian to fit on that Jetbike?

I will surely be keeping my eyes on this thread.

23-11-2006, 12:25
Love that red, you must have a good technique for getting it so consistant.

Awsome work

23-11-2006, 12:36
Really warm and vibrant red. Looking forward to more.

23-11-2006, 17:30
With the suriken cannons on the bottom of the viper...Do you have to bits order the metal S.cannon from the shreiker jetbike?

23-11-2006, 18:19
Is it red mixed with working-up orange and Bleached Bone on strategic areas?

23-11-2006, 19:01
Very nice red you have there. Seeing as how good you are at that yellow though, it is not really a surprise your red is amazing.

You aren't abandoning the Fists, are you?

Looking forward to more...


Brother Octavian
23-11-2006, 20:04
Thanks for all your comments!

For those wondering about the red: I used a basecoat of GW red gore and carefully painted over the majority of the raised areas with blood red, then highlighted the same areas using fading lines of fiery orange and a tiny bit of white. I'd recommend not highlighting too much or the model will appear more orange then red.

The shuriken cannon is a conversion, I cut the barrel off of the cannon that comes with the vyper kit and pinned it to a piece of plastic that I filed and cut into a more appropriate shape, finally using a bit of green stuff to make the blue gem. I didn't use the standard jetbike shuriken cannon because it's barely visible with the vyper hull over it. Plus I thought the plastic cannon barrel looked a lot cooler!

Putting guardian torsos on Jet bikes is a little tough at first, but with practice you kind of get a feel for it. I wish I had some pictures so I could better describe the areas that have to be modified so the guardian will fit in the bike seat, but I will try to explain. Basically you cut off the small hook-like thing that sticks out from the very bottom center of the guardian's backpack. This will allow him to sit properly upright on the jetbike without forcing him to appear as if he's slumped forward. Also if you do it right, this will make it so there will be enough distance between the torso and the handlebars to fit the jetbiker arms into the sockets of the new torso.

I hope that helps!

Anvils Hammer
23-11-2006, 20:10
looking really really nice.

I think that the "fins" on the guardian jet bike rider make it look a bit unstreamlined. try not adding them to the rider but putting them somewhere on the jetbike perhaps, for a bit of a different look.

good luck,

Quin 242
23-11-2006, 20:40
WIP? I'd be pretty happy with these as finished models. Very nice.

Ditto. This was my very thought

24-11-2006, 00:25
Thanks for the tips!

24-11-2006, 01:19
Sweet painting man, love your stuff.
Just starting my Eldar, but going the trad craftworld gonna try my own, but your SH is great.

Brother Octavian
27-11-2006, 21:26

I really appreciate all of your comments! I meant to post more pics a few days ago but couldn't find the time because of my work schedule changing suddenly... Anyway, I've got some new images here of a Guardian squad that I'm still in the process of assembling, and should be on deck for painting unless I get distracted by other shiny models that I have yet to purchase.
Here are a few...

...And here is the Weapon platform with crew...

...As well as the modular heavy weapons I have completed so far, with an example of the platform armed with the alternate gun.


I'll be sure to post a brief tutorial explaining how to make a modular Eldar weapon platform in my next post. It's a fairly simple bit of pinning, but I'll discuss it in detail later because I gotta get out the door to work.


27-11-2006, 21:36
Great painting! I cant see how you and other ppl get so good :confused: But if I gonna get there I really should start now so im off to my corner where i can hide myself while painting :D thanks for giving me this new motivation :)


30-11-2006, 17:41
I must admit I've always wondered this: how do you get the lines on the Vyper to be straight and line up with one another (given that they're going over various different curved surfaces)? Is it just by eye, or do you have some clever trick?

30-11-2006, 21:47
There is something about that specific red-tone you are using that makes me warm inside, well done.

Quin 242
01-12-2006, 02:24
I must admit I've always wondered this: how do you get the lines on the Vyper to be straight and line up with one another (given that they're going over various different curved surfaces)? Is it just by eye, or do you have some clever trick?

Masking tape....
Run it along the outside of the lines you are making. You can adjust how it lays as you slowly place it on your vehicle hulls... Since it's easily removed. you can eyeball it as you go over curves and in crevices. Use a new knife to cut out and around protuberences that you want to have paint...

09-10-2007, 09:10
Really Awsome Jetbike And Vyper!! The red colour scheme is really cool