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23-11-2006, 03:44
building a squad of ogre-ogryns, wondering what can be done for the belly other than the normal plate. not skilled on gs either :s

any ideas?

23-11-2006, 07:08
tank hatches might fit?

23-11-2006, 08:08
You don't have to be skilled at it to just fill upp the gap, that would suffice.

If you really don't want GS, then you can always just fill it with something (still would have to be GS me thinks) and then just put a...no...

You have to use GS for that, sorry laddie. You don't have to be skilled, but you really need to use it at some point. Sorry.

23-11-2006, 09:34
A simple solution is to use the tank baggage from the tank sprue. It's large enough that it'll cover the hole and look sufficiently badly-packed that it's suitable for an ogryn. Of course, it's a bit odd to carry your backpack on your front; so you'd have to do a few straps or bits of webbing to make it convincing; which rather defeats the point of taking this short cut.

Heres' the recipe for my Lamb's World ogryns, which do use green stuff, but in a very simple way sheets and strips. I've emboldened the relevant area; so you can just follow those bits for covering the belly.

Regarding ogryns:

Many Lamb's World regiments make use of the burly tribes of ogryns that roam the northern continents, valuing their resilience and ability loyalty. For their part, many ogryn tribes are often keen to join up army fatigues are nice and warm, and far more useful than traditional ogryn loincloths in the planet's wet climate. The promise of free beer and Pot Noodles helps the recruiting sergeants no end.

To convert these ogryns, you will need an ogre bulls box, a leadbelchers sprue, an autocannon from the heavy weapons box, a little greenstuff, a craft knife, 40mm bases.

Additional useful bits are: large pouches from the space marine tactical sprue (for the cargo pockets) an additional autocannon magazine, a cocktail stick, one vox caster backpack from the cadian sprue (for the BONEhead's scrum-cap style vox), the bit that connects four round bases together (for the cylindrical bits on the left-most ogryn's rebreather/gasmask thingy).

1) Take everything off the sprues and clean it up. Cut the flash suppressor off the end of the autocannon barrel neatly, then remove the barrel itself. Glue the flash suppressor to the gun as shown in the piccy below.

2) Cut and scrape out the leadbelcher's original gun from the paired arms as best you can, fitting the ripper gun in as you go to see what bits of plastic you need to remove. I'm lazy (and was short of time), so the guns are just botched in because I took my time when scraping, there's no gaping holes in the finished ones. You'll find that the leadbelcher left arms touch the ripper gun at a realistic point. Stick the ammo on.

3) De-ogrify the ogre body remove the nipples (ouch!), scrap away any beard from the selected head etc. This isn't essential, but I wanted to make my ogryns as distinctive and 40k as possible. The difficult bit of this stage is flattening and filling the big hole in the stomach, where the gut plate goes. Follow the curve of the ogre's waist you'll notice that the camber increases at the gut. Trim this away so the camber remains constant. Again, be neat and careful and you'll save yourself some trouble later on.

4) Make up some green stuff and leave to cure while you fit the boots to the body, trimming away the Aladdin-points. Glue the boots to the body, then glue the body to the base.

5) Dry fit the guns to the arms and the chest, trimming away any plastic from the flesh areas where necessary.

6) Fill the gut-hole with green stuff/plastic cut offs, and lay a thin sheet of green stuff over the hole. Try to follow the curve of the waist. Leave to dry.

7) Roll out a thin sausage of green stuff (approx 2cm long and 3mm thick). Wet your craft knife and use the point of the blade to place it over the stomach to form the belt. Leave to cure for 10min or so, and then use the wet back of the blade to smooth and flatten it.

8) Glue the head on, and use a similar method to place a longer (approx 57cm) sausage of green stuff leading up from the belt, around the neck and back around the neck to form the button holes, lapels and collar of the combat shirt. See the fourth ogryn from the left in the pic for reference.

9) Wet the blade and flatten the sausage around this area, pulling it out thin around the lapels.

10) While the green stuff is wet, fit the arms and the gun, and glue into place. Allow everything to dry completely.

11) Use very short, thin sausages of green stuff to form the shirt sleeves just above the elbows, and to give the trousers flies.

12) This essentially completes the ogryn the rest of the stuff is just for looks. Feel free to personalise and customise the ogryns. Add salt and pepper to taste and serve with a zesty curry.

If you need any other pointers I can help with, feel free to ask.

Here's how they come out:



Hideous Loon
23-11-2006, 13:03
I think I've said it before, but your Ogryns rocks! Especially the guy with rebreather, he is just so cool, you can't even tell he's an Ogre.