View Full Version : Infantry in cavalry units?

Wings of Doom
23-11-2006, 15:52
I apologise in advance: I've tried and had no luck with the search function...

Can a character on foot join a unit of cavalry?
E.G. A Von Carstein Vampire Count joining a unit of dire wolves?

I can't find anything in either the cavalry or character sections of the BRB that prohibits it, but having asked some people htey seem to think it's illegal.
So: If it is prohibited, a direct page referance, and if not, sorry for wasting your time!

23-11-2006, 15:57
I'm pretty sure it's allowed, but the unit moves at the rate of the slowest model. I'm not as familiar as I could be with the new rulebook though (I've been busy since the release).

23-11-2006, 16:17
Absolutely permitted, and a great idea if you need somewhere to stash a vulnerable character mid game. Similarly, a mounted character can join a unit of infantry with no problems... and still gets his look-out roll.

Wings of Doom
23-11-2006, 17:01
Jolly good, and thanks for the quick replies!

23-11-2006, 22:29
the vampire counts FAQ specifically permits this.