View Full Version : BFG Errata?

24-11-2006, 00:55
quick question.

which of the errata's/faqs should I use?

if they're all usefull, are there any contradictions?

24-11-2006, 03:31
both - if I remember correctly Faq 1 and 2 have different information and 2 does update anything in 1 that was changed, but does not include anything in 1 that had no changes. If that makes sense.

Danger Rat
24-11-2006, 10:36
The most upto date version is in the bfg part of specialist games version 1.5 i think

25-11-2006, 03:25
you mean the one titled "The definitive list of question and answers"?

the guy who got me into it plays only Eldar. So you could imagine how many of the rules doesn't deal with.

So I've made sure that I play both an Imperial fleet and an Eldar(dark) so my info is pretty well rounded.

25-11-2006, 21:04
The Definitive List is the one I use, at least. The real changes I've seen made are Novas scatter, not guess; ordnance doesn't run out; and that carriers can only launch as many attack craft squadrons as they have bays (which makes the 675 point Dauntless-Dauntless-Dauntless-Emperor fleet much less useful =P).

26-11-2006, 08:03
I'm also curious.Since I'm a Dark Eldar player, I don't have a cruiser cheaper than 230pts.

Any suggestions on how to adapt senarios that have a cruiser pt limit? Like the cruiser clash, or the convoy with their limit of up to 200pts.

or, do I just simply don't get any?