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24-11-2006, 13:40
Hey guys this will be my first game im going to play and its going to be against my friends Empire army its a 500 point game and I need your help so please rate this army and tell me what you think and some usefull tips against Empire. so heres 2 lists tell me which is better and or how would you suggest I should do. ( Note I dont have a commander so I need to ue a mage.)


Jewel of dusk (135)
Ring of Fury.


5x Silver Helms (123)
Heavy armour, Shield

5x Silver Helms (123)
Heavy armour, Shield


10x Sword masters (136)

Points: 517 ( ok need to loose some but where.)

List 2

Level 2
RIng of Fury
Jewel of Dusk.


18x Spearmen
Musitian (204)

5x Silver helms
Heavy armour, Shield. (123)

Total points: 497


24-11-2006, 15:00
what list do u like the most ? :)

24-11-2006, 15:09
Both Really thats why I posted both and not one, and I want to find out from you guys which is more effective.

Move Fast Hit Low
24-11-2006, 15:16
go with number one and you could always lose the musicians to save points

24-11-2006, 17:09
here is my list of 500 pts, i think its correct i dont have it here, i dont have mages because we wont use any in the battle, i will be playing 2 vs 1 against 1000 pt dwarf army, with another allied 500 pts of empire from another gamer.

Commander, lance hvy armor, shield (enchanted?), steed w/ithilmar barding + pure of heart

5 silver helms + standart (ellyirian banner) + hvy armor + shield

5 silver helms + shield

2x5 shadow warriors

The comander will lead the silver helms with standart.
i prefer using shadow warriors every time to archers for 3 pts more (2 if you consider light armor) you have skirmishing archers that have better mobilty, line of sight, can flee charges better, if within cover impose great penalties if shot at. the banner of ellyrian is cheap and gives you the ability to take your hvy cavalary trough places your foe wont expect them..

hope this gives you some ideas