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Hideous Loon
06-07-2005, 22:13
Have you been over to the Rules Dev forum to check out my new Chaos unit? You haven't? Then go watch, before it's too late!

Anyway, I thought I'd write a small text concerning them.

The numerous Marauder tribes that thrive in the Chaos Wastes all have some tribesmen that, during the rare periods of relative peace, claim to be closer to the Gods than their kinsmen. Some of them takes upon them to preach their lore at their home tribe, often becoming priests to the Gods. Others show such devotion that they leave the safety of the tribe to live alone, isolated for years to an end. These tribesmen often join different tribes, hoping to convert at least some of the 'unbelievers'. More often than not, the other tribes attempt to kill them, but the Gods are with them, and they enter fits of rage, slashing around them with their favoured weapon, not pausing until the threat is neutralized. The same procedure repeats itself if a Berserker (for so do they call themselves) encounters a fierce beast. Mostly, the man actually manages to kill the beast before he gets killed himself.

When these men return to their tribes they are greeted with awe, since they have seen all the horrors of the Wastes and survived. They spend the days in training, hoping to gain perfection with a chosen weapon before the Gods call them to participate in the greatest battle ever.

On the eve of battle, these tribesmen are picked out and banded together with others of their kind, to fight together, so that their ability to completely run amuck will be used to the greatest extent. The priests walk among them, praying that their aim be true and their arm be strong. The largest, strongest of them is marked out by means of tattooes and piercings on his body, and he is referred to as a Slaughterer. Other Berserkers may carry beating drums or blaring horns to battle, praising their Gods in that way. The other clansmen know full well to stay out of these maniacs in battle, because there is no telling what they may do next...

What do you think?

Hideous Loon
11-07-2005, 16:48
Come on! 32 views and not a single reply?

15-07-2005, 00:18
Hmm, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. If someone is closer to the gods, that usually shows. The whole "but the gods are with them" is weird too. If a god if with someone, he gets a mark, he doesn't become some wacky berserker. And they call themselves berserkers? :/

Hideous Loon
15-07-2005, 10:40
Oh. Didn't think about that. Stupid me.