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25-11-2006, 00:33

The penal legion isnt on hold before anyone asks - its coming dont worry, I just want this done and out of the way before christmas.

Bbasically awhile back I saw eldar cheap (around 10 quid a box...) so I ended up with three boxes of guardians and two falcons. Now this has taken me ages to clean up cause im a lazy **** but its getting there...


Anyways, I've added the Farseer and I have two of the older farseers ill be using as his warlock body guard. I want to know though, roughly, how many points this would clock (to the nearest hundred). In other words am i going to need to add an aspect warrior squad to make it 1000pts - if I do its going to be a squad of striking scorpions, and possibly maybe a wave serpeant for them (yes predictable on the table, but I likes wave serpeants!)

There all going to be either red, black or white - I want a nice mix of colors in there for some reason. I might even convert the farseer yet I dont know

Anyway's, I'll post a bit more later but I've got sausages cooking so to hell with you all!

25-11-2006, 04:19
Enjoy the sausages. ;)

I think I'll just subscribe right now, I always enjoy looking at your paintjobs. :)

25-11-2006, 04:26
I've sunk so low, the first thing i noticed in that pic was the female guardians boobs. Will you be using guardian heads or something different?

25-11-2006, 04:28
with some rough costing it depends how much you tool up the falcons/farseer as it can probably run from 800 to 1000 depending on your set up.

25-11-2006, 04:54
Aye my running list is bang on the thousand

Singing Spear, Fortune, Guide, Mind War

2 Warlocks (although I think I need a third, yet I have no where to put him!)
Both with enhance

10 Dire Avengers
Exarch w. Diresword

5 Path finders

30 guardians w. 2 shruiken cannons

2 Falcons
Bright lance

Thats a grand total of 1010

With a second warlock, and beefing the Dire Avengers (more later) with full kit, i'd be closer to the 1500 and the option of adding a squad of scorpions. I'd also be able to do it by dropping the warlocks and skimping slightly in places (less farseer powers, less gear for the dires). Its do-able, but I dunno lets see what the bank says...

Oh, dire avengers. I'm not buying any of them from the workshop. In fact, I'd rather not buy anything else at all, but that scorpion exarch keeps looking at me...
Instead, I'm going to convert them from the bits of the guardian squad and cal them the 'Tears of Ynnead', and make them a very similar shrine because the idea of lots of different shrines was something that always appealed to me.

Anyway, expect a butchers at them later on because I'm rewarding myself for a hard weeks work by making these and watching johnathan creek.

25-11-2006, 19:49
Okiday my Farseer and a falcon are in the other room drying, but I thought i'd show off what I've been buidling


Wanted to jazz up my warlocks a bit, and I'm happy how he turned out although the other one now needs converting in a similar fashion.... Hmmm


Thats my dire avenger squad. Notice the poles for back banners? Well you have now. Along with the converted gun they should suitably different enough to be Dire avengers (another path thats very similar....).

Oh and finally - I had considered using that warlock as the Exarch for the squad - still might - but if not heres the exarch.


Not wonderous, but it'll do the job.

Right see you all in a few hours. I need a plate of muffins and a brew.

Oh and if anyones curious, I'm up to the second episode of the second series of Johnathan creek - its bloody good :-D

25-11-2006, 21:45
I've sunk so low, the first thing i noticed in that pic was the female guardians boobs.

Well, us men like the curves and forms of women, so recognising their bossoms first need not be a shame. They should have broader hips, though. :angel:

Anyway. I like the simple conversions you (Asmodai)'ve done so far. It will be interesting to see if you actually gets it ready to christmas. My brother did the same as you (pose et all - though not that head) with the guardian, but he used an Imperial chainsword, so you can imagine the look of it...

25-11-2006, 21:48
Looks good mate! Get 'er done! lol

25-11-2006, 23:26
Thought I'd replied to some of the comments, hmmm. Ah well, to buisness

BODHITREE - Ta matey, the sausages were alright... ah well win some lose some although the whole signing up now thing gets a big thumbs up from me. Very cool.

violenceha - Yeh they are fairly buxom. Although they seem more so after cleaning up at least a dozen of em (or would that be two dozen). Meh could be worse. Morathi. Thats all I shall say. Morathi.

ASTADOR - Well I dont think the Farseer will be done tonight, but it'll be half way there, it depends how far I get on....


Oh and I ended up making this inspired by someones ideas from another board. I'm not overly fond of the Avatar (doesnt look eldarish to me) so I'm fiddling around with this. I was thinking of keeping it basic and adding a wraithguard head? Thing is if I add that lil number, I know I'm over the 1000 enough that i'd HAVE to get scorpions, which is where money comes in (failure to sell my guitar didnt help matters this christmas - minus rent, I have the mega total of 25 quid till Janurary if I dont get my **** into gear and paint some bretonnians for comission work - which is another point if anyone wants to give me some work and pay me an advance before christmas I would probably have there babies)


Anyways, the under carrage of the falcon should be dry soon, and the Tears of Ynneada wont be far behind.

Where was I? Hmmm I've got all confused now. Oh well, Johnathan Creek and cup of tea while I sort out this mess (my room - oh and I'll do a pitch of my desk when its all sorted....)

26-11-2006, 06:40
One more update before bed time..

Okay so the Falcons not entirely finished, but I like how its looking. Made a bit of a bigs ear of the pilot because the canopy glued shut but ah well, win some lose some.


The Farseers coming along nicely although he's awhile off yet.


I'm trying to go back to an older style of painting. I'm tired of all the highlights and shading. I want to go back to basics - thanks goes out to Colonel Jacka for pointing the way with his squats.
That doesnt mean I wont be highlighting, but look at the falcon. I inked the lines with black ink mixed with red ink, but then painted over the entire thing with three thing coats of blood red, and it looks gorgeous. The crisp white and the crisp red, along with the untouched black underneath. Imagine a unit of guardians in just red and white - Meh I'm tired and rambling, leave me too it.

Anyway I'm off to bed - finally reached the alien episode in johnathan creek which is a bloody good episode.

26-11-2006, 12:20
Chaos Black undercoat gives far better results, you'll find.

Suicide Messiah
26-11-2006, 12:34
For painting red? I think not.

26-11-2006, 14:58
I think it does. Dark red over it with good highlights gives a very good solid colour.

26-11-2006, 15:00
I look foward to seeing the finished results, as my Eldar are going to be red.

26-11-2006, 15:06
Go for scab red as first colour, if you are not Saim-Hann. ;)

26-11-2006, 15:28
red over a black undercoat takes a long time, however it does give a very strong colour much better than with a white undercoat.

for the time frame you've given yourself to do this project i think you should keep to the white undercoat, the space marine paint guide gives a very good way of doing red over a white undercoat.


26-11-2006, 15:31
Oh, the time frame; forgot it. Keep yourself to white, but you could try washes.

26-11-2006, 17:16
Voronwe - Not to sound funy but...
I started painting 16 years or more back, so whether to use a black or white undercoat is something I've pretty much got sussed. If I had used black for the undercoat, I wouldn't have the tone of red I have now on the flacon, it'd look closer to whats on the warlock because I have that a wash of red/black ink to tone it down.

Right, only just got up so going to get a cup of tea and something to eat but yeh comments please (I know I sounded like an ungreatful git but I've not had a cup of tea yet)
I have done one test model with the black undercoat, with the idea of the army being a show piece, but it took a day and I have 40 of them to do, plus a box full of stuff to do yet, plus the comission work. I've done the rangers with a black undercoat so I'll show them off when there completely finished (there in my older thread) but other wise I'm steering away from it.

27-11-2006, 08:48
Okiday, firsts first - the desktop shot


Much needed tetleys on the left there, the TV/PC combo (I'm a media student - it allows me to write about a film while watching it, or watch a film while splatting Jedi and Covenant). Oh and the pan contains most of my eldar. Quick competition though - can anyone spot the fully painted eldar guardian?


As you can see the farseers coming along. Decided to take the robes to black to fit in with the rangers, and because its a stronger contrast although I'm sad to see the brown leather go...


I also started on the first Tear of Ynneada - you cant see it clearly but the model is really dark. I wanted something that was barely red. In fact its so pale it looks purple, but its highlighted nicely and practically finished so I hope you all like it. I should have one finished by the end of the day although I've got my teeth into the comission work (actually, I've got twenty quid between now and janurary, so I havent got much of a choice...)

01-12-2006, 19:34
Evening all, I'm back with a vengence

Basically I have a job interview at GW Preston tomorrow - ever so slightly nervous.

Problem is I dont have an army...

*Cracks knuckles, shakes spray paint, gets into gear*

Oh and if any of you lovely people happen to PM me with the rough differences between 3rd and 4th edition 40k, and the new edition of fantasy then by all means as I have a horrid feeling that I'll be asked more indepth questions then I'm prepared for.

Oh and advice please - should I suit up, where pants and shirt, or get the baggies out? Oooo so many choices! Or even jeans!

Oh and thank you to whoever gave me a rating! WOOT!

Right, back soon with pictures, for now I need to get cracking.

02-12-2006, 03:27
Right, here goes


I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm not going to get the entire army done. The best bet is to get one unit done, one tank done, and one hero. Seeing as though my eldar are going through the grinder....


My very work in progress second falcon. I'm trying to get the first one finished for the interview. Oh and the vampiress I'm also working on.

Hence all the guardians, the repainted Rangers (yup, those gorgeous red ones), and the warlocks have all been pushed onto a shelf. Oh well.

Right, enough talking, back to work.

02-12-2006, 04:47
Good luck on the interview... and more luck getting all that done to a high standard!

As for attire... nice shirt and pants. Iron 'em before you put 'em on if you know how. If not, get your best friend of female origins to do it :D

Good luck again! Nice work thus far!

02-12-2006, 15:09
I like the look of the freehand on the Falcon, I'm excited to see where it'll go from there. Also, dress shirt and pants, a tie perhaps if you're up to it and most importantly a smile. You should do fine, I think you have the painting portion of your resumé in the bag, and you have for very long time.

02-12-2006, 18:50
Hey mate was looking through one of your other heads and saw you actually liked my Wood Elf head idea enough to use it on your DW guy! I think we need an update on what happened to all that stuff mate. Also, consider his pose stolen. Your eldar are looking good! Now lets see more! lol

03-12-2006, 08:34
Jobs at GW are over rated. Trust me. At least here in Oz. But still, there is much fun (and discount models) to be had. Good luck.

As a bit of advice, get a 500 point army for both systems working, and that should be fine to start off with.

03-12-2006, 08:47
Jobs at GW are not overated, I know about the discount(which is MUCH larger than most people realise, and the bits orders by weight).

03-12-2006, 22:30
Hey all - noticed I've gone upto a 4 star log so woo again!
Okay I'll reply before going onto the new stuff.

Siromcyre - Ah, could be a slight problem although I have a wad of beastmen under my bed so there might be a 'building 500pts of beastmen in a week' thread popping up sooner rather then later.

Astador - You mean THIS GUY? (http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f185/asmodai_dark86/IMG_0176.jpg). Gah I did the basis of him not long after the first woodies came out, and had meant to do a squad of them as death wing although when I put a termies head on I completely changed his mind. That guys become part of my sons of sparta army, which will be coming up after christmas (possibly over christmas as there a quick paint job, I just need to build the buggers).

Bodhitree - Cheers man (loving those Raven Guard scouts btw). I'm going to do a little more free hand on the panels but I'm keeping that under wraps for now seeing as though this threads got a bit of popularity :D I also need the kit to make it a wave serpeant so it can be a dedicated transport for the Tears of Ynneada.

Okay so on to the piccies


Not far off completion. The skin needs to be a little lighter - I imagined them as being pale faced and in morning... oh well. I've also got to add the other arm yet as well as making the gun a little brighter. I've also got to sort the penants for the pole.


I've changed my guardians a lot since there first job. Initialy I wanted them with red armour and black leather coats but they didnt fit with this army, so it was back to the drawing board. The green might be a little lighter but the coat just needs highlights. I want them too look as dark as possible (my theory being that the painfully bright guardians will hold the attention while the stealthy Rangers getting into position).

As always, thoughts and opinions welcome!

Oh I forgot, the interview
Turns out the area manager has been called away because a manager quit so hes had to cover, but hes in on Monday the 11th - plenty of time to bash 500pts out (the whole army actually if I get too it).
And why work for GW? Well I have a penal legion to make. Yes I'm 1500 pounds in debt, and my first reason for a job is to build a penal legion (The arbites clock out at nearly 100 quid a squad....)

04-12-2006, 18:31
'Three weeks before christmas, and with only 10 english pounds to rub together, mark had a choice. Eat well, or go to games workshop....


Yeh if your after one of these babies I'd get one fast - mail order are practically out and the store where I got this had basically what was on the shelf. There pretty nifty kits, if only for the resin and slate gubbinz

Sorry, real updates will follow.

04-12-2006, 18:34
'Three weeks before christmas, and with only 10 english pounds to rub together, mark had a choice. Eat well, or go to games workshop....


Yeh if your after one of these babies I'd get one fast - mail order are practically out and the store where I got this had basically what was on the shelf. There pretty nifty kits, if only for the resin and slate gubbinz

Sorry, real updates will follow.

The basing kits are cool ,Ive managed to get hold of 6 so far because if there anything like the COD basing kits they will be gone quick :)

05-12-2006, 06:30
There nifty though I have to say. The straw is a bit of a bugger to use the first time round, as is the small gravel if you've never used it before but the sticky flock is a genius idea - thats exactly the kind of thing people trying to create stunning bases could definately use.

Anyway, slight detour - had to do a comission piece tonight (its now officially a year since I got the maiden guard to do... oh dear)...


Not entirely finished but near enough, oh and I had a tiny play with the basing kit on one of the new additions to the penal legion army (its somewhere in the project logs... and will live again!)


11-12-2006, 00:08
'So little boy, what do you want for christmas?'
'Well santa, you can go suck a fat one, I gots what I wanted already!'


Mum gave me a pile of money this weekend to do a christmas shop - came away with Sanjuro, Rashomon, The Machinest, and Merchant of Venice. Plus two pots of paint, and these bad boys. Then she was like 'Yeh sure take em now' although I did leave all the DVD's (except Sanjuro of course)

To say I'm chuffed to bits would be an understatement. Not only are my money worries abated (I can eat this week!) but I have the model thats screamed at me since I saw it to be painted. Oh yes, he's getting done tonight.

I'm currently pondering on whether to add a set of back banners to them all (well actually, probably just the exarch as the regulars 'hair' gets in the way).

As for paint job. Well I'm not telling, but ever trick and skill I've learn over there past few years is coming out on this bad boy, and if he's done in time then that interview tomorrow is easy pickings.

Oh, and he's getting the big a$re chainsword. Basing him however is proving troublesome....

16-12-2006, 20:52
Any updates?

17-12-2006, 01:09

Kinda but its going to be Monday till an update - I have the striking scorpion exarch coming along nicely but I want to wait before he's finished before posting an update. Plus I've made a start on sorting out my sisters of battle from the other log (gah having two things running simultaneously is taking its toll, but ill sort it out dont worry)

19-12-2006, 16:43
What head did you use on the female dire avenger in that painted pic? Looks very good, I'm keen to use it in a conversion I'm planning ...

Everything is looking good, I like where this is headed. The runes on the falcon are especially fun & well done. Now where's our Monday update?? ;)

- Salvage

05-03-2007, 20:51
Can we have an update because i'm liking what i see!

05-03-2007, 20:58
Unfortunately not

The whole things up for sale barring the aspect warriors I've been working on and the falcons because I have no money what so ever.

Its a shame really, but thats what happens in the world of a student. I might come back to them one day.

05-03-2007, 21:08
Is this befoer christmas? :p
Or are we talking about christmas 07? :p

05-03-2007, 21:12
Yeh kinda :D

It was originally meant as an ebay thingie, and for my job interview at GW that never happened.

Oh well

If a wandering mod happens by could them smite this log accordingly