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Dwarf Longbeard
25-11-2006, 17:40
Hi there, I hope I've got the right forum for this?

Heres the problem, I'm currently writing up my Orc & Gobbo army using the new army book rules and am building it to a total of 4000 points mainly built around Common Goblins with Orcs thrown in as support, I'm not using Night Goblins as every one seems to have them, although the Squig herds have been retitled to Common Goblin Squig Farmers (sounds iffy I know but keeps the night gobbos out of the list)

Now I've always liked the thought of my Warboss being sat on a Wyvern as they'd make a pretty dangerous unit. (I think)
I still have the 4th edition Orc Shaman on a Wyvern, but looking at the rules only a Great Shaman can ride a Wyvern and with his somewhat limited fighting capabilities it seems like a huge point sink.

So I was wondering if anyone has any advice about what to do with either the army general on a Wyvern or a Great Shaman on one?

Any help will be appriciated

25-11-2006, 17:42
4000 allows 3 Lord choices. You can have a Foot based general, a Shaman and a Lord of fighting on a wyvern - its what I would personally do.

Dwarf Longbeard
25-11-2006, 18:39
4000 allows 3 Lord choices. You can have a Foot based general, a Shaman and a Lord of fighting on a wyvern - its what I would personally do.

I was thinking about that but wanted to save the points on a second warboss in favour of some extra bosses and maybe include a Goblin warboss for a bit of cheap muscle for the goblins.

As I mentioned I was thinking of mounting my great orc shaman on the wyvern but I'm a little iffy as to how effective it will be for the price paid?
My warboss is a normal Orc carrying an Enchanted shield the Horn of urgok Warboss Umm's Boss At and Martog's best basha would he an effective on a Wyvern or should I just stick him on a boar?

25-11-2006, 21:13
You can have a Foot based general, a Shaman and a Lord of fighting on a wyvern - its what I would personally do.

Or you could have 3 Great Shaman, 2 Shaman, and a Dark Emissary. 20 Levels of Magic. :p (Important: This Is Not An Actual Suggestion)

But anyways, you don't really want a Wyvern Rider until 3000 points at most. You really do need your General's leadership, and most people will go for a Great Shaman as their second Lord.

Mind you, if you like the model and/or concept and its a friendly, by all means mount your general on it in 2000 points.

26-11-2006, 15:41
I don't think they are worth the points. Too many armies have boltthrowers, and one failed wardsave could kill your warboss. The only armies I ever field mine against are Brettonians and Chaos. Unfortunatly, most of my opponents are Elves and Dwarves.

26-11-2006, 15:45
Only if he isn't the general. Nuff said.

07-12-2006, 20:53
This is just an idea to try once and see how it works. Problem is your Shaman is frenzied and will have to charge but might be worth it. Also depends on your opponent. I would suggest this on an average leadership opponent or lower.
And not a shooty opponent like elves or dwarfs.

I was thinking about a Savage Orc Great Shaman on a Wyvern. Frenzy gives him 2 attacks. Ok then give him the Biged's KickenBoots (30 pts) for an extra attack. Thats 3 weapon skill 3 str 4 attacks. Ok now you give him the Wand of Kaloth (40 pts) For each successful hit the wearer takes a leadership test or is slain instantly. Give him Amulet of Protectyness (25) which gives you armor and ward save of opponent And maybe collar of zorga which makes beasts and monsters hit you only on 6 (5pts) or Boss'es Hat 5+ ward save for some protecion. And take two more wizzies to be scroll cadies.
The Wyvern will also benefit from this because having a frenzied rider with the new rules he is frenzied too. So he would now have 4 WS 5 Str6 poison attacks

07-12-2006, 22:22
Well, mounting your shaman on your wyvern is good to have him very fast were you want him.
Though the effectivity of this depends on your spells, and remember that a mounted shaman suddenly has a line of sight. On foot and outside a unit (though that is quite dangerous nowadays) they don't...

The wyvern will probably be a protection against units trying to take it in close combat (terror for example), but it will be a nice attractor for missile fire, as spamcetera said. So consider what armies you'll probably be facing...