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25-11-2006, 21:45
This is the list that my friend is building towards


-Dwarf Lord w/ GW, shield bearers, Master Rune of Alaric the Mad, Rune of Fury, Master Rune of Spite: 296 pts

-Runesmith w/ GW, Master Rune of Balance, Rune of Spellbreaking: 149 pts

-BSB w/ Master Rune of Fear: 170 pts


-10 Thunderers: 140 pts

-10 Thunderers: 140 pts

-10 Thunderers: 140 pts

-10 Thunderers: 140 pts

-20 Warriors w/ GW, full command: 225 pts

-20 Warriors w/ GW, full command: 225 pts

-24 Longbeards w/ shields, full command, Rune of Battle: 338 pts

Points: 1,993
Models: 109
Dispel Dice: 5

The main idea is to blow away the enemy with Thunderers deployed in a big long line, retreat to the back when the enemy closes, and step forwards with the Warriors and Longbeards to hold the line. BSB will deploy with the Longbeards, so they become a 25-strong, fear causing, immune to panic unit. The main concern is the danger of flanking, seeing as there are not many things to hold the flanks of the army. Thoughts?

26-11-2006, 01:40
Well, aside from the fact that your Lord's great weapon is entirely useless when you stick runes on them, without the Master Rune of Kragg, you lack a decent core of combat. If I were running an offensive army against this, I'd simply avoid those Longbeards until I could get a multiple charge against them, then all the fear in the world wouldn't help you.

26-11-2006, 17:47

well firstly dont take GW if your putting runes on it cus it doesnt count as a GW anymore. Secondly why so many thunderers? why no artillery? and why no elite troops? i would settle for a max of 20 thundereres at 2000 points and i would drop a rank of the longbeards, with the saved points BUY ARTILLERY, i might also swap a unit of warriors for a unit of hammerers preferably, but ironbreakers are also good. Oh and please please please put a rune of stoicism on the damn battle standard nothing better than a 20 man unit counting as 40 causing fear :).

Hope i helped a bit

27-11-2006, 09:35
Thunderers are now over priced as they lack move and shoot IMO hence with your plan you'll get 2 shoots off then have to move them. Crossbows have the advantage they can be set further back at the start and are 30 points a unit cheaper. Also give the missile troops for T4 4+ save in combat which can be a life saver.

I think your lacking some punch which would be provided by elties and artillery. Wariior with heavy armour and GW is 10 points for 13 an ironbreaker has +3 save in combat +1 WS WS5 is very good as hit most other troops on 3s and Str4 without a GW. Hammers are even less of a points upgrade get +1 WS +1strength and stubborn and fear immunityu if you point the lord in whihc is like 100 points of magical bonous' that cant eb lost by killing the bsb. Both can also have amagic banner which are alwayts worth taking with Dwarfs.

I would drop the missile fire to 2/3 crossbow man units a cannon and stone thrower with runes. Give 1 unit of clansmen hw and shield and swap the other uit for a hammers unit. Drop the longbeard down to 20.

This should give you a lot more punch at shooting whilst thinnning numbers and making it easier to deploy (the extra range means you can start the game layer, troops, crossbows artillery) Then you have you character lead elites holding the front.

Although this is making it similar to my army lol I play (edited for time, have extras int heir too)

Lord on shieldbearers
BsB fear
Runesmith 1 dispel

3 *10 crossbows shields
18 clansmen
22 Ironbreakers
1 cannon
1 stone thrower
1 organ gun

That is what I played in the GT last week with, and dispite some shocking dice qualified with. Its not a destroyer but its simple effective and can be played with a terrible hangover lol

Rune of Death
27-11-2006, 17:13
drop two units of thunderers and the great weapon. this will give you 286pts to work with. try a cannon with the rune of forging and an engineer w/ pistols for 145pts. with the rest try a unit of slayers to cover one of your flanks, or upgrade one unit of warriors to hammerers with the rune of determination and stick them on a flank.
just something to think about.
good luck:D

27-11-2006, 17:20
Cannons aren't as efficient as bolt throwers or grudge throwers. Get one of those instead.

The Temenian
28-11-2006, 00:40
ok, im the friend who came up with the army, ive haven't been playing very long, so im not that certain about strategy yet. heres my second attempt

2000 Point Dwarf Army (in progress)

Lord w/shield and shield bearers, master Rune of alaric the mad, rune of cleaving, master rune of spite, rune of stone 293 points

Thane bsb w/ rune of cleaving, rune of stone- 120 points

Runesmith w/shield master rune of balance, and rune of spellbreaking 147 points

20 warriors w/ shields and full cmd 205 points

19 longbeards w/ shields and full cmd-(thane here) -253 points

19 longbeards w/ shields and full cmd- (runesmith here) 253 points

10 quarrellers w/shields 120 points

10 quarrellers w/ shields 120 points


18 hammerers with full command (lord here)- 246 points

4X bolt throwers w/ engineers 240 points

total points: 1997

dispel dice: 5 (+1)

total models (lord as one, BT as 1) 119

what do you guys think?

28-11-2006, 01:33
I think you need to trust your warriors more.

WS4, T4, 3+ save troops on LD9/10 with rerolls is nothing to laugh at. Sure you wont kill much, but combats are won by static res, not kills. Get charged, hold, flank with another unit, win. Get 3 big blocks of 25 warriors with hwep/shield in there (four if you want). Possibly switch one of them out for elites like hammerers/ironbreakers/longbeards. Use 2-3 small flanking units like 10 warriors/longbeards with greatweapons or slayers/rangers/miners. Using small units of 10 warriors gives you a cheap 100 pt throwaway unit to divert charges and threaten a flank charge with. Making them longbeards increases their cost so you are less likely to want to throw them away, but it allows you to reroll some panic checks. I think of these as "detachments" in a very empire sense of the word. Grab a few warmachines for annoyance and two units of quarrelers to nail down weak flanks and shoot into the center. Thats a very archetypal dwarf list for you. Simple and effective, and with different runic combos and such it allows for a great deal of versititiliy. Gunlines will win you some games, but you lose any real enjoyment of the game. The game (especially now in 7th) is about tactical maneuvering large, unwieldy regiments in such a way that you flank your opponent without being flanked.

**edit, one more thing. Protect your BSB. There are a few ways to do this. Either make him kill the enemies first so they cant hit him (MRoSwiftness and Cleaving) or make him near unkillable (MRoGromril and RoResistance) by typical troopers.