View Full Version : 2250 points of Tomb Kings, please rate

26-11-2006, 20:33

I think this army is logical, scorpions and carrions to deal with war machines. Two hard hitting units and a good defence.
A few questions
Is this cheesy? If answered yes explain why please
Can this win?

27-11-2006, 04:02
looks quite solid. doesnt seem cheesy at all
maybe trade your prince for an icon bearer?

27-11-2006, 04:18
Eh, its okay.

Lots of things I dont like, but they arent necessarily game-breaking.

1) Casket of Souls isnt good in competitive, tourney play. Its cool, but not effective enough. Its immobile and can be easily neutralized by enemies that hunt machines (fastcav, fliers, tunnelers, basically anything that moves across the board will kill it with both hands behind its back).

2) King in a chariot is too expensive to risk blowing up to S7. Golden eye mitigates this, but deprives you of the crown (which I like, makes the chariots a little more magickey -- although the item is overpriced for what it does you may need to do this with a chariot king). I would take the mirage standard for his unit so that there is at least a chance the cannons dont pop him (as he doesnt get lookout sir unless there are 5 other chariots). Also, the sacred standard is cool, but overpriced (if you have to take it, it is best on chariots though)

3) The second banner on the chariot unit is illegal. Only one unit can have a banner. I am not 100% on this one, more like 90%.

4) Ushabti are kind of bleh. Too expensive for something that fragile I think.

5) The style is all mixed up. You have two supper aggressive units with the king/prince led chariots and you want them in combat ASAP so they dont get shot to hell. Then you have the CoS which depends on enemies not being in combat so they can see the damn thing. If you take the casket, go for big blocks with cheap support units to flank after you tarpit. The hero led chariots are far too hitty and too expensive to sit back and react with. They are offensive, not defensive.

So what would I change? If you wanted to keep with hero led chariots, I would go with the king with the with golden eye in a unit with the mirage standard (or go crown and mirage if you want to risk it -- it is a very juicy cannon/S7 bolt thrower target though) and have the prince with the chariot of fire and icon of rulership (so if his chariot unit blows up he can go solo and break ranks as a support unit). If you can afford it, try to get another chariot of two with the king. It makes him much less maneuverable but it might give you that edge to survive just a little longer. Drop the casket and ushabti and get a unit of tomb guard with the icon of rakeph. This unit is tough as nails and very mobile with the icon. Keep the liches with just two scrolls and the cloak and jar on your heirophant. If my quick math is correct that should put you at about 2250 (keeping the two blocks of skellies, two scorpions, catapult, and 3 carrion). I would consider trading one skeleton block out for a bone giant or some bowmen and swarms and giving the banner of the undying legion to the skeleton block (or adding these new units/upgrades with any spare points). Your magic isnt too powerful, so be careful. You will need some key incantations to go off or you will lose, but thats the price you pay for being led by a king and his prince friend so chariots can be core. I usually go king and 3 liches although I have tried out king/prince/2 liches (magic too weak) and high lich/prince/2 liches (magic way overkill). Find a balance that works for you.

Good luck with the tombies, they have treated me well for a long time now. Dont expect to win best overall with them at any events, best sportsman (what I have won several times) or best army (my painting/converting skills are not that good) is about all you can really shoot for. That being said the TK are still competitive (fear is crazy broken against the right armies and totally worthless against others) and definatly a very fun, challenging, and beautiful army.

27-11-2006, 05:44
Thanks for the comment. :)

I know the risk of it, maybe give the TK the item that his chariot isn't auto killed. But about the cannons, I've got a unit of flyers that can move 40 inch the first turn. I will put them next to my king so they'll get the movement spell twice and if necesary within range of a liche priest. :)

For the fast cav and flyers, I think 40 archers would be enough to deal with.

And the ushabti, I'm not sure about them either, everyone keeps saying how good they are, but they never really won a battle for me.

my playing style is really strane I know, but the main tactic is, hunt down the war machines with the carrions, in turn 2 with the scorpions, and charge with the unit chariots. The archers will go killing, fat cav, flyers, flanking units, lone charachters.
The casket has a fear reason for it, everyeone spears at least 3 dice for them or a scroll, so my movement spells will go through. My normal 2K list is the same but without a prince, the archers and a scorp and had only a big unit of 25 skeletons with shield and hand weapons an a LP instead of them. I only lost two battles so far against other Tomb KIngs and Ogres. Most armies seem to have trouble with this kind of Tomb King list because they never have seen it.

But I'm really thinking of dropping the ushabti, what to get instead, I don't have an extra rare slot. And I don'have enough models for carrions and stuff :(

27-11-2006, 06:35
Well if it works for you thats great. Lucky for you your opponents dont have magic resistance, that always seemed to mess up my casket.

I didnt notice your big blocks of skellies were bowmen, I prefer hwep/shield by a longshot. The 4+ save really makes them an outstanding tarpit. I would drop the ushabti and drop one unit of the skellies to add in tomb guard with rakeph. Then break the other 20 bowmen in two units of 10. If you like mobility and power, and it seems that you do with chariots, then try out tomb guard. They rarely ever let me down and I never leave home without them. Sure they are a bit expensive, but they are amazing knight/elite infantry killers.

Just wondering, but what type of armies to you usually play against? Do you play many tournaments, or friendly games?

27-11-2006, 13:59
With TK, only tournaments. The bowmen are in big blocks because the can kill much and still have 3 ranks and a banner when someone dangerous comes close. Works perfect. Don't know if I could get TG models, but if I could I would drop the ushabti 10 bowmen and add a unit TG, but I don't think I could get to borrow them :(