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28-11-2006, 10:39
heya fantasy folks!

ive had a fair bit of lizardmen stuff collecting dust for about a year now, and every time i pass by my 20 or so painted lizardmen i get a hankerin to paint em.... anyway i would like to get into fantasy, and have played 2 games with my scaily ones thus far. ive been plotting and thinkin on this list for a while anywho here it is....

saurus oldblood on carnisaur light armor shield sword of striking glyph of warding

scar-vet on cold one spear light armor shield

scar vet jaguar charm great weapon shield light armor

20 saurus musician standard bearer

20 saurus musician standard bearer

14 skinks blowpipes

14 skinks blowpipes

12 skinks with scouts blowpipes

12 skinks with scouts blowpipes

7 cold one riders musician standard bearer

3 kroxigor

3 salamanders

points cost is 1996

of course im a bit worried about the no real magic defense. i think terradons have a strong place in a list like this.

some of my alternative ideas so far have been downgrade the old blood to a cold one, and drop the cold one scar vet and add 2 skink priests. if i toss out the carnisaur for the cold one on the old blood that frees up a good amount of points too.... not really sure if it would be worthwhile... im a total noober, at fantasy. i was also thinkin about scroungin for points to get another salamander in there, in which case id split em up into 2 groups.

thanks a ton for your advice and tips!

28-11-2006, 19:14

ok what i have to say is: NO MAGIC! if you have no skink priests you have:

a) no offensive magic
b) no magic defence - (scroll caddy very useful)

In light of this i would advise you very much to get a skink priest, the new models aren't half bad either. Secondly i would have 5 units of 10 skinks rather than those random numbers, this will give you more flexibility. I would advise to keep the oldblood, carnosaur depends on how you feel on big monster point-sinks. And im a bit worried that you are not going to be keepimg any heoes in your suarus blocks to add a little extra punch but that is just a minor caution.

callum in hat
30-11-2006, 16:41
drop all of the skninks, take him off of the carnosaur, get some more suarus, kroxigor and huancji's blessed totem on those cold one's:)

02-12-2006, 08:51
i realy dont like the notion of droping all of my skinks, they are what always make or break my games. the ten sized skink groups does seem to have some merit though, good advice. i am considering getting spawning of tepok for some spell defense. what do you folks think about 2 spawning on my heroes and one on a saurus block? that could make for 3 dispel dice which is not by any means great but every little bit helps.

thanks a ton for the tips.