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28-11-2006, 15:07
Archmage 220 p
+1 lvl 35 p
eagle 50 p
Amulet of the purifying flame p
Staff of solidity p
Guardian phoenix p
Power stone p
Power stone p
= 405 p

Commander: p
Ring of fury p
Mounted 12 p
Ilthmar barding 5 p
Dragon armour 6 p
Shield 2 p
Lance 4 p.
= 129 p (Rides with the Dragon princes).

Commander: 70 p
Reaver bow p
Shield 2 p
Heavy armour 4 p
= 118p (In the Phoenix guard unit).

20 spearmen Full command 250 p (Solid defense).
10 Archers 120 p (Defense and expendeble unit).
5 Silver helms Full equipment. Musican 122p (Expendeble unit with many uses).
= 492 p

5 Dragon princes Full command 175 p (Fast and hard hitting with the mounted hero).
6 Shadow warriors 90 p (Well scouts)...
= 265 p

20 Phoneix guard Full command. Banner of sorcery 385 p (Never used them, will be fun)..
2 Rbt 200 p
= 585 p

66 men + 2 warmachines + 3 characters and a eagle.

4 Dispel dice.
7-9 Power dice + ring of Fury + 2 Power stones.

=1997 p

I will face Tomb kings, Lizzards and Dwarfs and they are all balanced armies. I will base my tactics around counter charging and try to lure my opponents in to traps ( will have to be more offensive vs Dwarfs ;) ). I really dont know how my mage will do, I guess it is up to how my mates make their lists. But hopefully 7-9 Power dice 2 power stones plus Ring of fury will be enough. Not including any Dispel scrolls is a gamble especially against the Tomb kings. But I put my trust in Drain magic and luck :)

29-11-2006, 13:03
Looks like a good solid list. Congrats!! I like people who are not afraid to take a unit Like Phoneix Guard!

29-11-2006, 16:15
Nice experimental list. I've tried using a unit of 30 phoenix guard before to mixed success. It's almost worth doing for the pure extravagance of the thing :)!

I like your balanced core although the spearmen and silverhelms look a little small. Still, it looks like there's no way to avoid this with the overall make-up.

For purely background driven reasons I'd swap the dragon princes for silverhelms, simply to keep the number of specialized units down... the phoenix guard rule this roost! However, when it comes to neutering your force, this is the equivalent of putting your balls between two bricks and giving them the bad news, just for the sake of it :cries:.

A couple of simple changes I'd suggest though.

Firstly I'd change the Ring of Fury to Ring of Corin. When that guy gets into combat (which he should do quickly) the Ring of Fury becomes useless which is a bit of a waste.

Secondly, I'd ditch the Reaver Bow and replace it with Armour of the Gods and a Halberd. Then you've got the same survivability you have now in combat, but with three S6 attacks instead of S4... and you've saved the 5 points for Ring of Corin too! Plus, you now have a Phoenix Guard commander to lead your phoenix guard unit ;).

I'd be interested to see how this list works out... let us know :).



Move Fast Hit Low
30-11-2006, 02:55
yeah if you are going to have a commander with a bow pop him in a ranged unit, maybe give him shadow armor and put him with your shadow warriors if you feel like being risky, but i like the list it has a good balance, am i to understand that the archmage is mounted on the eagle?

P.S. GW really hates it when people display individual point costs of upgrades and items

30-11-2006, 10:41
Very fluffy list. But maybe it's nice to give the eagle of your archmage to your commander. A commander on eagle with the reaver bow is kickass. Make the Shadow warriors 5 so you can hide them better. But in overall it's a very nice and solid list. Give it a try

30-11-2006, 11:11
if u can ditch 15 points somewhere go and give one of ur cav units the banner of ellyrion... it pwns, just for the look on ur opponents face alone :d

callum in hat
30-11-2006, 14:25
yay phoenix guard!!!!!!

30-11-2006, 14:27
Thanks for the comments I will counter them i a short while.

P.S. GW really hates it when people display individual point costs of upgrades and items[/QUOTE]

Oops thank you I will edit.