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28-11-2006, 19:44
Greetings ==My== fellow Skaven and inferior-things, a new chieftain here in need of some assistance.

I've just recently started playing Fantasy, and chose the obviously superior Skaven. ==My== misguided brother has started with Beasts, so I'll be facing them quite often.

I've written up a couple lists and would like some C&C on them and some tips for the expansion of them.

List #1, my main list
Chieftain-hand weapon, great weapon, heavy armor, shield-55pts
Inexpensive general, plenty killy despite his small stature.
Clanrats-25, standard bearer, musician, Ratling Gun-200pts
Solid block of infantry and the ever-amusing Ratling gun (the thing has exploded every game I've played so far)
Slaves-20, musician-44pts
Plague Priests-20, additional hand weapon, standard bearer, musician, Banner of Burning Hatred-200pts
Absolutely wonderful!

List #2, made it up on a whim
Chieftain-great weapon, shield, heavy armor-55pts
Clanrats-20, ratling gun-160
Stormvermin-25, musician, standard bearer-215pts

I play List #1 typically, with the occasional variations (Typically dropping the Priests and Ratling for different stuff). This will be the basis for ==My== future army, so anything to help with this will be greatly appreciated.

List #2 I came up with on the spot and it worked terrifically. the Chieftains set up with the Stormies and rolled up a flank while the Clanrats and Ratling gun blocked their exposed flank. It was sick to watch those Stormies rip through 3 seperate Beast Herds and the Wargor. I feel as though its a bit cheapish, anyone care to comment on that?

Thanks in advance

28-11-2006, 22:59
I like the first list better. In my experiences, Stormvermin have always just straight-up sucked. They have a worse CC armor save than Clanrats, and cost 3 points more. For the cost of a unit of 20 Stormvermin I could take 32 Clanrats. Sure, halberds are nice, but Skaven are supposed to win things through combat res, not just steamrolling everything in their path. Maybe you got lucky vs Beasts, but the moment that the stormies go toe-to-toe with anything meaner than an Orc, you're in big trouble.

The reason why I like the first list so much is twofold. One, you've got a large model count. Your opponent (save for gobbo armies) will be hard-pressed to match your rats unit for unit, allowing you to set up double charges and flanking manuvers and such. The Plague Monks will be a massive sledgehammer, and you should take every precaution to ensure you get the most out of them (i.e. don't charge flagellants!) The only thing I dont like is the musician in the slave unit (oh boy! rallying on 3's instead of 2's!). With most armies such a small amount of points is inconsequential, but with Skaven, those few points could buy a few more slaves! Between dropping the musician and the shield for the chieftain (why? Assuming he'll be in a unit, he can't be shot at, and it wont help him in CC, so its just a point sink), you should be able to buy another rank of slaves, which would be great for not losing a rank as soon as the first rat bites the dust.

28-11-2006, 23:35
Hey thanks, the 2nd list was more of a "spur of the moment" thing, I guess I just lucked out.

I could drop the shield and musician from the slaves and monks in order to get another rank of slaves. Sound good?

Also, I was considering dropping the ratling gun and chieftain in order to get a plague priest (censer, warpstone charm/amulet) to make the monks even more devastating. Or maybe dropping the monks altogether and getting some Night Runners, Giant Rats, and Jezzails?

29-11-2006, 01:03
another rank of slaves would be nice. The more the merrier.

I would probably keep the monks. They're really a hard-hitting unit, and will be the MVP of many 500 pt battles due to their cost effectiveness.

Dasqueek-Master Assassin
29-11-2006, 19:23
i love plague monks, dont get me wrong, but i think you can do with a smaller unit or just dropping them all together.
you could also drop the chieftain and go for a warlock engineer. two warplightnins a turn at this points level really hurts everything.
i would suggest dropping the monks for another unit of clan rats min us the gun and wither some giant rats, rat ogres, or night runners
just my opinion though. Very good list though