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Thousandth Son
29-11-2006, 00:33
First of all, I would ask all of you to forgive my ignorance, but I am still relatively new to the fantasy side of the Warhammer World. I have several questions concerning the Exalted of Sigmar.

First off, what is his final Armor Save before negative modifiers? I have heard that he is only granted the 2+ from his armor from some people, and 0+ from others once being mounted on a barded steed is taken into effect. So which is it?

Second, when is it appropriate to use him? With him "dying" at the end of Storm of Chaos, is he ok to still use? Especially with the impending arrival of the new Empire Army Book.

That is all for now. Once again, forgive my unknowing-ness. But to be fair, I did search both Warseer and GW for this information. :p

29-11-2006, 00:36
Of course you may still use him. He was living at one point, wasn't he? :p

Anyway, there are various versions of Valten. The version where he is on a normal horse recieves +2 to his armour save for riding a barded warhorse. The version of him on the Elven steed with multiple wounds does not -- he is riding a monstrous mount and there are separate rules for such creatures.

29-11-2006, 18:32
Most of the OnG special characters are dead since a long time ago.