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29-11-2006, 02:33
Yeah, I've started working on a new army. Hopefully this one will win some games for me. This is roughly the list I'm building for 2000 points (probably done for Marchish next year);

Lysander + 8 Terminators
Terminator Master of Sanctity
7 Assault Terminators
10 Man Tactical in Rhino with melta/missile and Sarg with Powerfist and Telehomer
10 Man Tactical in Rhino with melta/missile and Sarg with Powerfist and Telehomer
6 Man Tac squad with Lascannon in Lasorback.

Basically, zoom up, teleport down, kill stuff. Pretty straightforward army, with small model count and lots of those beautiful Terminators. Maybe not so great on composition, but it's most certaintly how I see Imperial Fists being played. They are a siege army afterall (this one's designed to get INTO fortresses ;))

This thread is just for me to keep all my pictures in, but comments would be helpful along the way :)

I bought a box of Grey Hunters yesterday, and picked up a second hand Missile from the Macragge box, so I'll hopefully have the squad ready to paint by the end of the week.

Sergeant (blutacked arms for the moment):


The underslung pistol was a bit of an experiment, which didn't work THAT well, but I like it enough to use it on the other Sergeants, and maybe the Terminators. It would be cool to use it on the Marines, but only for a True Grit army :(

29-11-2006, 02:38
I love the 'Fists, and was thinking of starting them myself (eventually :rolleyes:). Anyway, I'm liking the Sarge, and will keep checking this thread.

Looking forward to the progress.


29-11-2006, 02:48
How do you plan to do the yellow? I have tried and failed several times to get a decent looking, quick and easy yellow

29-11-2006, 03:00
Well, on a test marine, I tried a few different ways, and settled on;

- Spray Black
- Bestial Brown (although this is a pretty quick jump, it goes on ok over black)
- Desert Yellow (again, another quick jump, but I may use a few layers)
- Bleached Bone as a wide highlight
- Skull White as a thin edge highlight
- 2 or 3 thin Yellow Ink washes.

It ends up being a mustardy kind of a colour, which is what I'm aiming for. After that's all done, I'll probably shade it with some Bestial Brown, and give it a light glaze with my Death Guard ink mix, which is 50/50 Chestnut/Dark Green ink, which just grimes the models up a little. I'm going for a really realistic/muted kind of look. I don't particularly like the Banana Marines style :)

edit: The real challenge will be to try and paint clean for the first time in 2 years. I've been doing my Death Guard over that time, so I'm really used to the the style of painting I developed or it.

You can check the army out here: http://www.westgamer.com/phpBB2/hobby/showcase/m_dann_deathguard.htm
So far, it's won 2 Best Painted and a Best Composition award at 2 different 2000 point tournaments (Skulls and the Perth GWGT which was last weekend). I want something different now, because I don't want to just keep rocking up with the same army all the time :)

29-11-2006, 06:07
I will be watching your GS conversions with much enthusiasm, as I have only recently begun attempting them. :)

30-11-2006, 02:32

I decided not to go with the cloak idea. I think it's more of a Templar/Dark Angel thing to do, so I went with reinforcing the armour instead. At first, I had it with rivets, then I thought that, being marines, it would probably be rivetless add-ons. Also, fluffwise, the army has been fighting for a LONG time, so the armour would naturally be more reinforced along the left hand side, due to firing with bolters and that side receiving more damage in return. The chest plate was a re-used idea from my Death Guard army, but I'm not sure how well I pulled it off. It's hard to get a straight edge with greenstuff, but I can correct it when I paint it :)

So, now this guy just needs to dry, then I'll spray him up and paint him. I'm out of glue for now, and I want to get a good prototype done.

Also, I replaced the powerfist from the Wolves sprue with a Terminator one, because they're more chunky 8)


Added some more plating. In hindsight, it should be on the RIGHT side of the head, to protect against crossfire, as it's pretty well protected from the front and back. The extra rim on the shoulder pad also keeps the face a little safer, as does the collar.

I've got some ideas to improve on the armour design though. I hate it when that happens! I shouldn't have done the Sergeant first *slaps head*

Essentially, the weak points in marine armour are the joints, particularly on the left side. Solution? Extra plates to protect those joints, particularly around the head and legs (and stomach).

This is turning into quite a fun project :D Gotta think up more ways to keep my marines safe!

edit: In regards to this model, I'd assume that the training they receive to block attacks (ie, block with the left shoulder, then fire with bolter) would carry over to the Sergeants. Who needs a shield when you've got a whopping great big fist.

30-11-2006, 06:01

Painted up the Macragge missile guy I picked up second hand with the Grey Hunters box. The primer was a bit fooked, and I did a very rough job on it (that's what happens when you have 8 months break I guess), but I got my yellow technique down pat. Basically, there's no yellow paint on the model at all ;) The left leg (in the picture) was done with a bit of Golden Yellow as a test, but failed.

30-11-2006, 06:36
I like the color a lot, just try and tighten up your brushwork and they will be perfect!

8 month breaks always take a while to overcome :)

01-12-2006, 06:11

Woops wrong colour! 8)

In the end, I've never done a dark coloured army, and I really want to churn these guys out pretty quickly. So I used an old colour scheme I did on a couple of Tau I was planning. It's almost a dark orange kind of colour, offset by light greys and lime greens. It looks pretty horrible in that picture, but 1. It's not a showcase type model, 2. I painted it in about an hour and a half all up (not including fiddly bits like squad numbers), and 3. I'm aiming for really good tabletop quality, at a fast rate.

I think it's pretty cool. I'm still going to use the Imperial Fists rules, but I'll call them something else. I'm using the same chapter badge (but in white), so Something Fists :D