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29-11-2006, 06:20
Right down to the point:p

I have already gone and done it, bought 100 Night Goblins and 20 Spider Riders.

I want to build a 2000+ army of the Night Goblins and i know what i want in the list (Always subject to change). But im stuck on what bosses to use, as now i understand in the new book we no longer get the extra two bosses (+1 every 1000pts).

So my question is what bosses should i use, ideas i had were as follows:

(Not including magic items)

Night Goblin Warboss
Night Goblin Bigboss (Maybe BSB)
Night Goblin Shaman (Lv2)
Night Goblin Shaman (Lv2)


Night Goblin Great Shaman (Lv4)
Night Goblin Shaman (Lv2)
Night Goblin Shaman (Lv2)
Night Goblin Bigboss (BSB)


Night Goblin Warboss
Night Goblin Bigboss
Night Goblin Bigboss (BSB)
Night Goblin Shaman (Lv2)

Oh and i do want it to be competitive and fun (As much as night goblins can be:p ) and for the hell of it maybe throw in a Giant Squig for one of the Bosses

What are your thoughts on the above, oh and the 20 Spider Riders im converting so i have Night Goblins riding them:D

29-11-2006, 08:22
I would try possibility number 1. Second one is too risky. Third one is also good, but perhaps too low in magic.

vampires are cool!
29-11-2006, 12:29
3rd is the most balanced, and its what i would take in a tourny (scroll cady the shaman) but they all look fun to me

29-11-2006, 14:37
If you'd had any Orcs in there, I'd suggest the first option. It pretty much matches what I usually run:

Orc Warboss, Orc BSB, 2 x Level 2 Orc Shaman.

However, you are in dire need of better leadership and hitting power. The third option seems the most sensible one, though you should at least try running an all-fighter troupe of characters at least once against an opponent with low-to-average magical offense. And I don't mean Dwarfs.

As for the cave squig - well, seeing is believing. You should try it out with the third option: putting the normal Big Boss on a cave squig and leave the rest to watch from a safe distance :)


29-11-2006, 15:08
I've been thinking about running the following in my 2000 point Night Goblins which are in progress:

Skarsnik and Gobbla
Goblin Big Boss on Gigantic Spider
Goblin Big Boss on Gigantic Spider BSB
Level 2 Goblin Shaman in Wolf Chariot w/ dispell scroll(s)

Goblin Warboss on Gigantic Spider
Goblin Big Boss on Gigantic Spider BSB
Level 2 Goblin Shaman in Wolf Chariot w/ dispell scroll
Level 2 Goblin Shaman w/ dispell scroll

Mind you my guys on gigantic spiders will be modelled as night gobbos and I'll rank them up with my infantry. Not sure about the Shaman in the Chariot, I'm tempted to do it to avoid using a special choice. What do you guys think?

The Giant squig would be fun, and I'll probably paint one up, not sure how effective he'll be though.

29-11-2006, 15:23
Wouldn't all those Goblin characters be more appropriate in, say (and I'm going out on a limb here!) a "Goblin" army?


29-11-2006, 17:54
Ah yes, but im running Night Goblins not those bigger smelly orcs that beat my lads up.:D . Yeah i know leadership "will" be a problem but i will just deal with it.

Ive always wanted to run a Night Goblin Horde since the day i started warhammer (I did have over 200 Goblins but i didnt have the time to paint em all so someone got a great deal)

Well it seems its either option 1 or 3, now the question is where do i get a Giant Squig from other than Gobbla?

Keep the opinions coming

sagittar slaith
02-12-2006, 10:25
if you want to have some fun, just give a cheap hero the brimstone bauble and maads map and charge him at the nearest big enemy unit! if possible, give wollapas one hit wunda as well!