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Da Black Gobbo
29-11-2006, 12:47
Hi everybody! first of all sorry for my bad english and mistakes with transalation of some words that i don't know the exactly name in english (i'm spanish ;) ) well i'm one of those sick masochistics that like to play just with gobbos (specially night gobbos :D ). This is my first list probably i'll play against tomb kings dwarfs or beasts of chaos (yeah i know not too easy) this is the army:

-Night goblin boss+Urghok's horn(i think that's its name)+shield+ this magic weapon that gives you -3 to the enemy's armour
-Night goblin boss+banner bearer+Red Rowdy grott banner+light armour
-Night goblin shaman (unless i play against dwarfs) lvl 2 +Nibbla's ring+dispel scroll

-2x35 Night goblins+netters+shields and hand weapons+2 fanatics each unit+full command
-2x2 squig herds 6 squigs and 4 goblins each one
-2x Spear Chukkas
-Goblin doom diver

Well that's all what do you think??

29-11-2006, 15:57
I have a question for you.
Are you planning to sit back and wait for the enemy to come to you, or are you going to shoot and march at the same time?

Cuz goblin warmachines are ok, but still not very accurate. I would maybe drop the chukkas or the doomdiver in favor of some fast calvery. The flanking attackes would probably be more worth it than the extra shots from the war machines. Just my thoughts from playing against gobbos.

Da Black Gobbo
29-11-2006, 17:53
well the basic strategy was to be sitted and wait till the enemy arrive to my fanatic's range area, and then charge... but i think that some spiders or wolves could be ok flanking the enemy, anyways this is my first list and i don't know if it will work .