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03-04-2005, 16:06
Highborn; Drake Everslayer
Two Hand Weapons, Repeating Crossbow, Sea Dragon Cloak, Blood Armour, Crown of Blcak Iron, Ring of Darkness.
255 Points.

Noble; Elithar Everwalker
Dark Steed, Repeating Crossbow, Lance, Heavy Armour, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield, Seal of Ghrond, Crystal of Midnight.
154 Points

Noble; Antonious Auruin (Sorry to Thanan if he see's this, but Antonious is part of the Glar'Nar-Touth, =D)
Lifetaker, Talisman of Protection, Two Hand Weapons, Heavy Armour, Sea Dragon Cloak.
129 Points

Sorceress; Selas Eversinger
Level Two, Cloak of Dark Souls, Dark Star Cloak.
175 Points

7 Dark Riders; Elithar's Retrievers
Repeating Crossbow, Herald, Musicain.(Why the Herald? To take Challenges of course, I want Elithar protected, =D)
189 Points

5 Dark Riders; Reavers of Sigmar
Repeating Crossbow, Musicain.
127 Points

5 Dark Riders; Sigmar's Hand
Repeating Crossbows, Musicain.
127 Points

5 Dark Riders; The Empire's Protectors'
Repeating Crossbows, Musicain.
127 Points

20 Warriors; Warriors of Sigmar
Shields, Full Command.
185 Points

20 Warriors; Sigmar's Fighters
Shields, Full Command.
185 Points

8 Shades; Sigmar's Hidden Hands
Blood Shade.
124 Points

8 Shades; Sigmar's Justice
Blood Shade.
124 Points

7 Shades; The Dark Hand
98 Points

7 Shades; The Death Dealers
98 Points

2 Reaper Bolt Throwers; Sigmar's Fury
200 Points

2 Reaper Bolt Throwers; Sigmar's Reach
200 Points

Points; 2501
Models; 108
Dispell; 4
Power; 5

The Plan is for Elithar and the Dark Riders to go round the flanks, March Block, circle round and disrupt the enemy lines while the Shades (doing the same job, really) shoot the mess of enemy troops to bits. Reapers will stay back shooting Death into those who come into Range, and my Warriors will stay back in reserve.
Before you say "drop the Cloak of Dark Souls", I won't, the Sorceress will be with some Shades, besides, with the Dark Riders in *those* numbers the enemy won't consider a single Sorceress to be as much of a threat. Well, Vampire Counts, you're going down, :D

You too, Skaven.

03-04-2005, 16:27
erm why they are named after EMPIRE patron god ???

03-04-2005, 18:33
It's the Armies Fluff, if you want me to go into detail, fine;

Drake Everslayer, the leader of the Glar'Nar-Touth was born 460 years before the Storm of Chaos, his mother left him, when he was born, with his father, when his mother came back 80 years later, it was found out a year later that 41 years ago she had sex with an Asur, and given birth to Drake's half-brother, Elithar Everwalker, their mother had then had more sex in a Wood Elf village, where she had Selas Eversinger, their half-sister.
She was killed for treason and betrayal of Malekith. A year later Drake's father died to the same fate. Drake was adopted into the Black Guard by force, swearing an owth (SP?) of loyalty for the rest of his Elven life.
By the age of 200 he was accused of attempted murder of Kouran, Drake fled Naggarond, going to the Black Spine Mountains where he became a Shade through unknown means, he tricked the other Shades to others' knowledge.
At the age of 250 he managed to form a band of Shades named the Glar'Nar-Touth, Drake as the leader with a Druchii named Glaith as second in command.
For difficult reasons to understand, Drake said that all Glar'Nar-Touth Druchii were to have their last name changed to Everslayer. After that he left Glaith in charge and went to the Old World, becoming a mercenary with other Exiled Druchii.

Somewhere he met Selas Eversinger, saving her from a human Mage under Skaven influence, turning on his Druchii nature he let her go.

When he decided to return to Naggaroth with his surviving friends, Mord and Lord Kherith Bloodblade, he was to lead his army to Ulthuan as an advanced force, to take the Asur. Somewhere he suffered an arrow wound from no other than Elithar Everwalker, who was at that time, a Shadow Warrior. Drake ordered the whole Druchii fleet to retreat and then, before anyone kenw what happened, he told the Glar'Nar-Touth to steal a Black Ark and get to the Empire. Many thought that they were Corsairs on a raiding mission, they later found it abandoned in the the oceans.

Drake quickly found out that being a worshipper of a 'Dark God' was going to get him and the Glar'Nar-Touth killed, he made an offer to them, serve Sigmar, or die. But they chose from their hearts, they chose to live, and be Sigmarites. Since then not one of the Glar'Nar-Touth has killed anyone other a Chaos worshipper, an Orc, a Sakven, a Daemon, they protect the Empire as mercenaries, but also as freedom fighters, or in other words, the good sides' terrorists.

It was a few years later that Drake found his half-sister, Selas Eversinger, it wasn't soon before she joined the Glar'Nar-Touth, but since she wasn't Druchii, she kept her true name, Eversinger.
A few years later Drake and Selas fought in Lustria, trying to destroy a Daemon. There they found Elithar, the only way to kill the Daemon was to side with each other, after the battle neither had the strength to kill each other, both Druchii and Asur became friends, it came as a shook to all three of them that they were half brothers and sister, but half Druchii, half Asur, half Druchii, and half Wood Elf, then a full Druchii. Drake made both Elithar and Selas captains in the Glar'Nar-Touth. Although Selas is the only Mage in the Glar'Nar-Touth, she has considerable untapped power of Chaos.

That help you?

03-04-2005, 18:43
Nice fluff... A bit complicated but nice... :cool: But is it possible to have two cloaks on Character..??:confused: That would be a bit strange...

03-04-2005, 18:50
Hey, she gets cold! (Which is true, in the Role Plays I use her in she's only got a thin dress made of lace, =P)
Those cloaks keep her warm, =D
And this has been discussed before, they're obviously the same Cloak, =P
Thanks for that, though,

03-04-2005, 20:11
Nice fluff but not a nice army comp - Basicly in 2500 shooty army will out shoot you and charging army will have thayr ranks protected and dont forget flying elemnt that can and will hunt down shade units one by one. Appart from that you dont have anything to deal with tooled up close comba lords and have little magic protection and in 2500 armys that can hurt you so badly ... . Overall Very Fluffy but weak