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Hive Fleet Spectra
07-07-2005, 16:49
So my first fantasy army will be Tzeentch. I've been thinking of starting fantasy for awhile now and finally i have found the army i shall build. Though as it stands i have no cash to start the army i have managed to buy the Hordes of Chaos army book. after reading most of the contents within i decided to go for a Tzeentch mortal force with a bit of daemons in there for some extra looks and tactical options.

Well heres the army though keep in mind that this is my first and probably has many flaws.

Exalted Champion with mark of tzeentch, golden eye of tzeentch, great weapon.

Core Units
12 Chosen Warriors with shields, great Weapons, mark of tzeentch, full command
12 Warriors with shields, great weapons, mark of tzeentch, full command
5 Knights with mark of tzeentch, full command
5 Knights with mark of tzeentch, full command

Special Units
15 Horrors

Total Army Cost: 1479pts

Now the first things i've noticed i could have done diffrently are geting rid of a unit of knights and replacing them with Screamers or maybe even War Hounds. Also i noticed i only have one spell caster in the army which is a bit worrying though it is only 1500pts so i'm not sure whether i could have got rid of a few things in order to fit another in there.

Any help will be appreciated thanks for reading.

07-07-2005, 20:23
You have a few important things to consider. As you are new to fantasy I guess i can give you some advice even tho i dont play tzeentch.

First off. You have 9 power dice on 2 spells. This is a main problem as tzeentch relies alot more on magic than other chaos armies. Since your the tzeen mark doesnt make your troops immune to psychology this may be a problem. Therefore i would really consider getting a sec sorc. Tzeen chars are very expensive so you could just take a undivided lvl 2 sorc to get some more spells.

Also where do you intend to put your general? As he isnt mounted i suppose hes going with the warriors. I would actually consider just putting him on a deamonic mount to act as a supporting element and also very mobile. The golden eye will give the mount a 3+ ward save so its a good combo IMO.

As you have noted screamers are a nice unit. They are very good as screens for your knights and they hunt down warmachine crews pretty easy. But if you are short on points i would just go with the standard Furies. They are cheaper and even tho they dont have the slashing attacks, they kill warmachine crews pretty easy, and usually autobreaks them as they are fear causing. (screamers also cause fear but are so expensive that you dont always have enough to outnumber)

I also think i would change to just handweapons shield on the normal warriors. Could save you some points. As i dont know the armies you usually will play against you should consider halberds/extra handweapons also. At least i tend to go extra han weapons vs T3 armies.

Also you have a big lack of expandable troops. You should always have some screening units like warhounds and such to prevent your chaos warriors to be shot to death, as they are very expensive and lose ranks quite fast. A small unit of marauders is also good for a bit support. Or even a chariot.

It kinda depends on the type of army your after :)

12-07-2005, 22:52

although I'm pretty new at Warhammer myself, I think I might give you some advice that have worked for me (I've some very good experiences with Tzeench).

- Firstly, I feel that 1500 points simply isn't enough to warrant an all-Tzeench army. Those marks are damn expensive, and I don't really feel that you need all those power dice in a small army such as this. Especially if you could have a lot more troops instead of them. Personally I've opted to make the bulk of my 1500 point army Undivided, including my mounted Exalted Champion. The only Tzeench-marked units I have are my two Aspiring Champions, and my small unit of 3 Screamers. Sure, you don't have those 3 extra power dice, but at 1500 points, do you really expect other armies (except for maybe Lizardmen and High Elves) to be very magic-heavy? Usually your basic dice will be more than a match for your opponent's dispelling capability, and if he DOES have a magic-heavy army, you'll probably be able to out-do him in the combat department.
That's the nastiest asset of Tzeench in my opinion...you don't have to choose between magic and hitting in your army, you simply have both, which gives you quite an edge in small-scale combat. If you feel unsure about having enough power, you can always bring one or two Power Familiars.

- I would drop the Horrors, cos I feel they're too expensive for what they do, especially if they're such a large part of your forces. You're better off with twenty-odd Marauders with armor and shields instead. With two spellcasters with the Tzeench list you might get lucky and get Indigo fire, which means you get Horrors in play anyway. (my friend who plays Lizardmen always hates it when half of his Skink units suddenly turns into Horrors :) )

- Take the Screamers. Really. Against war machines or enemy spellcasters wandering around by themselves, these guys are your best friends. Those fly-by slashing attacks and their multiple wounds make them better than Furies in my opinion. Also, in my army they're the only reason I'm allowed to take Tzeench characters along...

- I agree with pelsboble on losing the great weapons, but I advise on taking halberds and shields instead. Those shields help you avoid losing warriors to shooting, but against armored opponents you can really use those S6 hits.

I hope this information helps you a bit...if you want I can post my 1500 point Undivided/Tzeench list for you, to give you some inspiration...

Good luck!

13-07-2005, 09:22
You know the funny thing? This actually reminds me of my second fantasy army I ever bought.

.. The bad news is, my first and second armies kind of sucked and put me off playing WHFB.

I agree mostly with what's been said already. Screamers are great. Personally, I don't like Horrors all that much (only really useful in big units, and then that's a LOT of points for what little it can do). You need another Sorceror.

Units of 12 are.. Meh. Unless we're talking two ranks of six. Overall, I'd say a Tzeentch army isn't really suited for anything below 2000pts. A bit like Vampire Counts, really.

So, suggestions you could use? Like what's been said before me. Drop all those Tzeentch marks. They're pretty useless, trust me. Note that you can only use your wizards level plus one for the maximum power dice you can use on a single spell, and you can only use each spell the wizard knows once per turn. Meaning you could use a grand total of six out of those nine power dice. So drop the points off of those units. That should free you a pretty decent number of points for spending on.. an Undivided Sorceror? Or some more Warriors? Or a chariot? Go nuts. :D

Good luck and welcome to WHFB!

15-07-2005, 00:10

I'd like to add that if you do add one demonic Tzeench unit (be they Horrors or screamers, although I'd go for the latter), I'd add an aspiring champion with a Mark of Tzeench instead of a Sorceror....for a little extra cost you get a LOT more hitting power, and a potential army standard bearer. I have two aspiring champions of Tzeench in my own 1500 army (my Exalted Champ general is undivided) and the can really give me an edge in most battles. That and the Tzeench spell list really, really rocks. Green Fire is one of the nastiest spells to throw on your enemy's bigger units, or his 'elite' units, and the basic magic missile is quite nice too...