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callum in hat
29-11-2006, 21:28
yo guys, finally decided on a list for Carnage in march soo...........

Savage Orc Warboss;Great Axe, Light Armour, Amulet of Protectyness, Bigged's Kickin' Boots-189

Orc Shaman; level 2, 2 D-scrolls-150
Orc Shaman; level 2, 2 D-scrolls-150

Savage Orc Big Boss; Addtional Choppa, Light Armour, Horn of Urgok-121

25 Boyz; Additional Choppas, Shields, Big 'Uns, Full Command, Banner o' Butchery-355
25 Boyz; Shields, Full Command-180
25 Boyz, Shields, Full Command-180
25 Boyz; Shields, Full Command-180

16 Arrer Boyz-96
16 Arrer Boyz-96

10 Spider Riders; Full Command-160

2 Spear Chukka's-70
2 Spear Chukka's-70

Army Total-1997
So comment please Guys

30-11-2006, 02:11
I must say, I quite like it. Lotsa Orcs coming across the table to bash some 'eads! No nonsense list.

There are a few things I don't like. Why the arrer boyz? I'd take those points and grab another block of normal boyz. And the Savage Orc Big Boss sort of confuses me, I'm not really seeing why he's necessary. I'd drop him, and maybe a couple of other things to see if I could fit in a big ol' unit of Black Orcs somewhere.

Maybe you could drop the Savage Big Boss and the Arrer Boyz to fit in some Black Orcs?

callum in hat
30-11-2006, 06:42
i'm not too fond of black orcs. the idea of the army is that it is a lost waaagh! that sailed to lustria and got lost in the jungle. so some of the characters have gone a bit crazy.
thanks for the comment anyways.

30-11-2006, 07:26
Arrer Boys might have lower prices this time but 1 thing hasnt change, They re still BS 3.

6 points for a BS 3 archer is wasteful. Dont fall for the propaganda of GW. Get more boyz with those points or get some gobbos. A unit of 20 night gobbos with shortbows are 60 points and also has BS 3.

and even you insist on the arrer boyz. 16 in 1 unit is way too much. 8 in a rank? keep them 10 a unit if you MUST have the arrer boyz but i wldnt encourage it.

i see you only have 1 support unit in the spideys. You might want to drop points somewhere to bring in some wolfies. I haven seen a orc and gobbo army without 1 and they are so useful you almost must have them.

Some areas where you can drop points.

1. 4 dispel scrolls?? are you really fighting such a heavy magic army that you require 4 DS? drop 2 of them would save you 50 points.

2. You have 2 bosses. where are you going to put them? in which every boyz unit you put them they displace 2 boyz so you can take away 2 boyz to save some more points.

3. i haven seen spideys in action yet so i dunt know how useful they are, but 10 seems to be a tad big, maybe drop to 5?

should save up enough points for 2 wolfies.

30-11-2006, 09:05
Good one, I would replace the Big Uns with mounted ones (with fewer models), to add mobility and to justify the cost of the Big Uns.

callum in hat
30-11-2006, 14:27
the one thing with the amry is that i only have to buy the four mobs o' bouz. i have teh rest,

01-12-2006, 00:18
ok, if you want to keep the theme, I'd still recommend getting rid of the arrer boyz. They just seem not worth it in any way. I'm not sure how many you could get for that few points, but some Savage Orcs might be good both to fit the theme of the army, to have a place for your Savage Big Boss, and something that's got a little more bite than your normal boyz.

Contrary to what Inkosi said, I'd probably stay with 4 dispel scrolls. You really don't have anything in this list that will be able to reach out and kill mages, so you'll just have to take as much defense as possible and get your units across the board into the one place where magic can't touch them: combat.

10-12-2006, 16:14
I don't see how you possibly can equip your savage orc charactwers with Light armour, as only the Orc Warboss can wear it, and the same goes to the savage orc big boss, unless they're only "count as" in the army.

I would like to see those big 'uns as Savage orc big uns instead, with shields equipped as well (still keeping the additional choppa though), a 6+ armour save as well as a 6+ ward save against shooting attacks, and 3 S5 attacks in close combat along with the 6+ ward save, or if armoursave is wanted, a 5+ save, 2 S5 attacks and a 6+ ward save, and put the warboss with them and you have an extra hitty unit, and with the banner of butchery you'll just get even more attacks on the first charge if you use WAAGH! in the right time, would be either 3/S5 attacks with a 5+ armour save and a 6+ ward, or 4/S5 attacks with a 6+ ward.

10-12-2006, 16:42
erm.. orc big boss's and war bosses can wear light armour, its only heavy armour that restricted to back orcs

10-12-2006, 16:45
erm.. orc big boss's and war bosses can wear light armour, its only heavy armour that restricted to back orcs

but he use savage orc bosses, not orc warbosses, the savage orc warbosses couldn't take light armour in the last book, and as I've understood it they can't now, only the ordinairy orc ones, and as you say only blorcs can have heavy armour.

I'm sorry if I got the armybook wrong, but that's how I got it told to me at the hobby store here when I asked them. (or correctly, I checked if my blorc character could have light armour, and as I got it they were only able to have the heavy armour and the ordinairy orc characters light, and savage orcs none)

callum in hat
10-12-2006, 17:09
it says a big boss( stating all except black orcs lol

10-12-2006, 18:59
I still think it sounds a bit wrong. o 3o;;;

Oh well, as I don't use them I shouldn't really care, I stay to my Blorc characters. :B

10-12-2006, 19:11
Savage orc biguns missed out this edition
you cant take a magic standard.

10-12-2006, 19:42
Split the spiders into two regiments of 5, giveboth musician, but no standard and champion, they're a waste.

Put your shamans on boars for better save and mobility. You'll want to keep them in units anyway so the lost LOS wont affect you.

I'd suggest you put the bosses on boars too, except that they are savage...

Lose or shrink the arrer boyz.
Lose 2 scrolls, make your boss BSB and give him the totem banner thing if you want dispell.
A unit of savage orc boar boyz is a must IMO, they bash out 2S4 and 2S5 attacks each, on the charge(otherwise 4S3) and then they havent even been upgraded to big uns. Get yourself a unit of 5 or 6.

10-12-2006, 19:57
I think the points of the archers can better be spend else were ( maby some night goblins with fanatics on the flanks?).
also upgrade your savage big boss to a battle standart, he rocks in a hore army.

10-12-2006, 23:05
Okej, here is my thoughts on the list.

Savage orc bosses is both good and really bad. Lets say you face another O&G player like me and I put my 5 wolfrider units just so your boss have to charge when you don't want your unit to do that becuse of.... Then the boss leaves the unit and can easily get his life ended.

Shamen lvl 2. I think you will only need 2 Dispell scrolls in all.

4 units of powerfull orcs is nasty and keep it that, but have Morks Spirit Totem banner in the big uns unit instead. That gives you 3 more DD instead of ONE time only, probably maximum of 5 extra attacks. Well do what you think is best for your gamestyle.

Arrer Boyz - One of my favorite units, even before last edition! But make them 12 unit strong, with champ and musician if you are going forward for a side charge.

10 Spider Riders. Break it up in two units instead and NO full command. Better to have 2 supporting units for flank attacks than one that will loose its standard to the enemy. Add bows for firing at fast cav and other unarmoured units.

4 spear chukkas can be really good, if the dices are with you. Maybe change 2 for some squig hoppers or a fast wolf chariot.

Try out a black orc warboss instead of the savage one (yes, you are not to fond of them, but try it). You get armed to da teef (well worth it), add heavy armour, amulet of wardsave 5+ and kickin boots. That will be 5 S7 or 6 S5 attacks depending on opponent.

Hope you can use any of my tips.


11-12-2006, 08:28
Wow, they do can wear light armour. o:

Neat, I guess it's bits and scraps of wood and bones aperantly, can't really image a savage orc in chainmail or metal plates. xD

11-12-2006, 08:43
Yeah I could see him in a fimur poncho or big skull helmet. I mean, if the 'foofy shirts and tights with giant plate codpiece' the empire soldiers wear counts as light armor, anything can.

11-12-2006, 10:07
As I understand now, Savage orc big uns can't get a magic banner?
I don't really have access to the armybook at the moment, won't till next weekend. ^^;;

Sorry for being a little bit "off topic".

warlord hack'a
11-12-2006, 22:11
indeed they can not, but they are still great when you give them spears, loads of attacks when charging and loads of attacks when getting charged.. Just add the BSB and give that bloke a magic banner and you're done.