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Da Black Gobbo
30-11-2006, 10:10
Hi everybody!, well i'm on a little and suicide project, to make a gobbo army competitive and fun (well second part is not difficult) this is my second list on 1500 points and here it goes:

- Night Goblin Bigboss+Urgok's horn+sword that gives you a -3 to the enemy's armour (could anybody please say me it's name? :confused: :confused: i'm spanish:) )+light armour+shield
-Night Goblin Bigboss+Army banner bearer+Red Rowdy banner+light armour.
-Night Goblin Shamman+lvl 2+Nibbla's ring+dispell scroll.

-2x 30 night gobbos+netters+2 fanatics+full command.
-1x 30 night gobbos+netters+1 fanatic+full command.
-1x 6 spiders+bows+full command.
-2x Spear Chukkas.
-1x 4 squigs herds.
-1x10 squig hoppers.
-1x Goblin doom diver.

1,5k 132 models and i think is able to face any enemy (maybe some difficults against the souls arch of the tomb kings, is this its name? xD )

what do you think???

callum in hat
30-11-2006, 15:25
i like it, lots of bodies rather than the usual NG army with units of 20 gobbo's just for the fanatics.
kl list dude

Da Black Gobbo
30-11-2006, 18:43
yeah but i don't think lots of fanatics could be a good idea, a balanced number of them is the key a lot can be bad for both players and it slow the game

30-11-2006, 19:05
Drop the full command from your spider riders. They are not there to break units by themselves, only there to harass and add some flank attacks or kill warmachines or so forth. The only thing you might want is a musiscian so they can rally. You dont want the banner, its just a way for the enemy to score more VP's and doesnt really accomplish much for you. I think that 2 units of 5 spider riders with muscians at 71pts each is the way to go. Fast and expendible, but can cause some real havok as well.