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30-11-2006, 10:09
Just a quick question: Has anyone ever used the D&D collectable miniatures in Warhammer games? Perhaps with a quick conversion and better paint job? The treant miniature looks like it could make a good treeman, but I am just wondering if anyone else has done this.

If not D&D miniatures, any other pre-painted minis?

30-11-2006, 11:05
If you're referring to those pre-painted plastic D&D figures....well, I guess you could use them but they're made of this weird, bending plastic so I guess the paint might chip off very easily and converting is much harder.

30-11-2006, 11:17
No I haven't used D&D miniatures in Warhammer but in our (former) D&D group we have used some Warhammer miniatures for D&D :)

30-11-2006, 12:17
With D&D miniatures do you mean those awfully sculpted, bendy plastic models?

I guess one could use them, but I think it would be a waste of time and money.

They arn't that much cheaper to use in bulk (I think) and one could repaint them, but it would be tedious. (And they would never look good, because of the lack of detail in the models.)
And as an above-poster allready mentioned, because of the bendiness the paint will quit likely break and flake.
Converting them would be difficult because of the bendy plastics, anything that weighs a bit more than the plastic will cause bits to bend and look crooked.

Why do you ask, is there a bunch of mini's you got? :)

30-11-2006, 12:55
Im using a giant mountain trol as a giant in my goblin army, its about the same size as the metal giant. I rebased it, and used brush on primer to repaint it.

I paid $4 for it so i made a good giant on the cheap. Also Nurgle players will love the purple worm, and the Treeman needs some paint and foliage to make it look good but would make a great alternative for wood-elf players. All three of these figures were uncommons so can be had for around 4 to 5 dollars from places that sell singles.

WARNING---DO NOT use spray primer or clear coat on these figures, it melts the plastic and leaves it sticky, even after you paint it the stickyness returns. some of the big stuff works well, but the man-sized figures are way to diferent in scale. D&D are true 28mm, Warhammer is Heroic scale 28mm. (I hate scale creep.)

30-11-2006, 15:25
Why do you ask, is there a bunch of mini's you got? :)

Yep, and I've been offered a heap more for next to nothing :)

30-11-2006, 16:24
Some minis like the treant may fit, but as mentioned the scale is a bit different, and Warhammer minis (also 40k) have slightly stockier proportions that normal, i.e. fingers, arms and legs are bigger, weapons are bulkier etc. So mixing both would look odd.
But using a huge fire elemental for fireball magic effects sounds good :)

P.S.: I will use Star Wars Genosians as Tau Vespids.

01-12-2006, 13:25
Dear Folks

Have not ever used D & D minis - other then those minatures made out of lead by Valley of the Four Winds and also Ral Partha (sad how old I am getting, anybody else know what I am talking about?).

However, I did buy (my son wouldn't let me take his) the Fishcer Price Imaginext Goblin Fort to use its tree a for similar reason . Came up great too.