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30-11-2006, 15:24
Ok im gonna start collecting my second army... Dark Elves being the first one. Ive been analizing much armies and i selected few that i like (it means i like fluff and units)... Made few lists (presented in the threads here) Whats most important for me is:
1. to have fun playing the army
2. Id also like to start army which needs to be played differently from what i know from Druchii
3. Army wins games when wisely played

So here comes one of options:

2000pts Slaanesh Beastmen

Beastlord: Black Maul (+2S, frenzy), Chaos Armour (4+ AS), Crown of Horns (5+ ward; +1 Ld while rallying), Sh = 198

Its a must coz its the only way to get Ld 8 gen with Beastmen, their Ld is my biggest worry with them... beside that hes quite cheap for what he does (5 S7 attacks, AS 3+, WS 5+)

Bray Shaman: lvl2, Mark of Slaanesh, Power Familiar (+1 PD/DD), Bray Staff = 186
Bray Shaman: lvl2, Mark of Slaanesh, Spell Familiar (+1 spell), DS, Bray Staff = 176
Bray Shaman: lvl2, DS, Bray Staff = 141

I chose slaanesh coz hes closest to me from all Chaos gods and he has best magic. Each Shaman will sit in herd unit

8/7 Beast Herd (Gors/Ungors): AHW, FCG =119
8/7 Beast Herd (Gors/Ungors): AHW, FCG =119
8/7 Beast Herd (Gors/Ungors): AHW, FCG =119

best skirmishers for me. Skirmish + ranks + good stats (excluding Ld)

7/5 Beast Herd (Gors/Ungors): AHW, Ch, M =94

This one is for ambushing backs of enemy army... eliminating warmachines

5 Chaos Warhounds = 30
5 Chaos Warhounds = 30


4 Minotaurs: GW, Mark of Undivided =184
4 Minotaurs: GW =184

flankers, hard stuff dealers

6 Centigors: Sh, Ch, M =135
6 Centigors: Sh, Ch, M =135

positioned on flanks they are gone flank enemy army in blisstering speed. I was thinking rather by replacing them by 2x5 Mounted Daemonettes but couldn't scrap 30pts to get them, any ideas?? after all M8, WS4, S5/4 & ability to cross forest with no penalty isn't so bad. only the Ld 7 makes me sad...

2 Spawn of Chaos: Mark of Slaanesh = 150

Distractors...gonna hold enemy where i want to hold him


PD: 9
DD: 6 +2DS
models: 93

So what you think. Should i choose them as my next army?? What mekes me afraid of them is low Ld & little effective units. Pliz check my other options and tell me what choice would be best!! Taa :)

30-11-2006, 19:00
Slaangors! You need them. They are hardhitting unit and with rapturous standard (-1ws,-1bs on bsb) its really effective unit. In army like this where you like lore of slaanesh i would suggest on taking great bray shaman with chaos daemonsword and talisman of protection and one bray shaman and 2 wargors to divide strenght. Put the great shaman with slaangors and other chars with gors.