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30-11-2006, 16:18
I have been playing chaos for awhile, and think I am ready for a new army.

I'm more than likely going with High Elves. Is there a tactica here somewhere or one that someone can link? I, unfortunately, don't get to play alot with many armies as the nearest game store is an hour away. So I am stuck playing against Dwarves and Orcs/Goblins. Any help here would be great. I already have the army book, just need to know how people use them most.

What are the best overall units? What should I start out collecting? What are the most common tactics to use? What are the powergaming tactics of the HE?

I am not primarily a powergamer, but I like to see what my army CAN do.

Thanks in advance,

Count Zero
30-11-2006, 16:32
a lot of people think HE are severly under powered (along with DE to an extent), except for a few specific lists like all heavy cav, or all magic.

There is a lot of speculatyion that HE aer in line to be the next book out (its betweent hen and VC by all accounts) so it might ne worth watign till then possibly.

30-11-2006, 17:47
You've opened a can of worms with that one!

High Elves have 2 power game play styles, Seer council of 4 wizards defensive troops and bolt throwers. Or Lots of Silver helmes, eagles and chariots and over run your oppenet very quickly.

More balanced armies are difficult due to the high cost of base troops such as spearmen and archers though played with Finesse are capable of competing. I have never found HE particularly underpowered either when playing with them or against, but I love magic and their wizards are truely awesome.

Bolt throwers
Core cavalry

expensive troops

Brief summary, will now probably be discussed for 50 pages of High Elf bashing vs High Elf players

30-11-2006, 20:09
You've opened a can of worms with that one!


Brief summary, will now probably be discussed for 50 pages of High Elf bashing vs High Elf players

Ha! That's so true :).

Have to agree with the power plays:

o - Max out on mages and bound spells and Book of Hoeth and vape your opponent.
o - Max out on cavalry, bolt throwers, eagles etc. and get stuck in ASAP.

Neither really to my taste, but they're nice to try from time to time. The cavalry one in particular makes for a pleasant change.

Now, the balanced units which, although some will disagree, most think is ok for what you pay:

o - Blocks of spearmen
o - Swordmasters, dragon princes, reavers

Then on to the units which, apart from their die-hard fans, are universally panned:

o - Phoenix guard
o - Sea guard
o - Archers
o - White lions (ok, not that bad but difficult to use with the current Intrigue at Court rules)

Now, don't get me wrong, those last units aren't absolutely worthless. I for one have loads of phoenix guard and usually try and include a unit of 10 archers. The thing is, if you're starting out you might want to avoid this stuff as they can be tricky to use.

The best idea is probably to trawl the Army Lists forum and look at what people have put up and the comments they get.

As for when to start, I'd probably hold off until getting anything until Christmas at the earliest. By then the rumours will be in on what will be getting re-sculpted, what units will be getting improvements etc. For one, I think Sea Guard will become more viable as will most of the infantry (big winners could be White Lions?).

Hope some of that helps :).



Yellow Commissar
30-11-2006, 20:57
@ Martyr
Hello. Try this. I learned a lot from these. They may be a bit outdated with the release of 7th, but most of the same principles apply.

01-12-2006, 18:48
Yes, very helpful thank you all for your input.

How would you say the High Elves stand up to the other armies on average?


01-12-2006, 20:18
In summary: breezes :)

I would say it depends completely on how you play them.

In their maxed out incarnations they seem to do pretty well at tournaments (not that I've ever been to one though) so are probably better than most other races. When picked as a characterful force they will probably struggle against a similarly picked opponent's force with the possible exceptions of Ogres and Tomb Kings (which are probably the most balanced of the lot).

I would say that on average they are worse than the other armies out there. Don't let that put you off though.

Out of interest have you read their history (4th/5th edition stuff). If you're wavering that should push you in the right direction... it's awesome!

And that's all the weather :).


Sylvester Stuart

p.s. Come on all you Day Today fans :).