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30-11-2006, 21:31
Had a couple of people ask me to make a log about the latest army i'm trying to put together, and i've decided to go ahead and do it.

The overall plan is:

1 farseer
1 wave serpent
8 scorpions
5 spiders
8 avengers
10 guardians
5 rangers
1 wraithlord

for 1000 points..

I know exactly what I want to bump that up to 1500.. but i'm not going to think about it till this first bit is done :)

I'm trying to make a bit of room to take some better photographs, with a decent background.. hopefully that'll come sooner rather then later.

I started off with test models, something I do quite alot.. a ranger and a scorpion.



Heres what i've got in progress at the moment:


Well.. thats it for now!

Any comments.. suggestions or anything of the sort feel free to cram them in here, i'll do what I can to keep up with 'em.

I'll update this as I go of course, I am pretty damn slow on the painting side.. but i'll get to the finish line eventually.

Wolf Scout Ewan
30-11-2006, 22:55
Nice use of inks, keep working at it.

The scorpion is top notch stuff! If yoy arent proud of him then u need help!

30-11-2006, 22:55
Those new ranger models are awesome and you're certainly doing them justice.

30-11-2006, 23:14
Glad you are doing a log with this, great stuff!


30-11-2006, 23:18
I always like to see alternate colour schemes for aspect warriors and the black/red looks ace!

Keep it up!


Light of the Emperor
30-11-2006, 23:28
Saw your ranger on the painting/modelling side and thought it was awesome. A whole army now too?! I'm looking forward to it.

Do you plan on dullcoating your models or are you keeping them glossy?

30-11-2006, 23:48
A whole army was always the plan, just hadn't thought of doing a blog type thingy along the way while I do it.. thats all :)

i'll keep the glossed up effect, the gems really catch the eye like this, and for the scorp.. I wanted the black areas of the armour to look almost wet.. a sort of sheen like Geigers aliens, sort of thing.. it looks better then I expected to the naked eye... the camera kinda makes it look less so, but still ok :)

Heres a question, since i've done my scorps red/black.. how shall I go about the spiders?

I'm kinda swayed to deep greys with pure white pieces... or a deep purple colour with red helms.. to match my craftworld/tie them in a bit

01-12-2006, 00:42
I might steal your scheme for the scorps if you don't mind. I had been thinking about it ever since I've been hearing commercials on the radio for "Bodog Fights - Watch 11 Americans duke it out for the chance to take on the Russian Red Scorpion Martial Arts Team!"

01-12-2006, 00:56
yeh, scorpion looks very rad, nice use of "actual scorpion colours"

01-12-2006, 01:02
You have had the same idea as I have had for my scorpions. but just resently I have change the red to blue.

01-12-2006, 01:24
they look very good! Glad to see your going to do an army of them!

01-12-2006, 15:05
Sweet scorpion!! The red helmet on the rangers is also quite striking, nice work! Def looking forward to more.

- Salvage

01-12-2006, 20:27
Ah, nice you've started a log.

And I think I saw a Brown Ink wash over Bleached Brown on the Work In Progress Ranger model. :)

01-12-2006, 21:05
Maybe do the WS's in black like the scorps, but instead of highlighting the black with blue, use a different color like green or red or purple?

So they still look black and glow-ey, but a different color of glow-ey.

If that makes any sense.

Nice work overall, more pics!

01-12-2006, 23:10
The ink on the rangers weapon, I ink most models when I begin on them, not totally needed but it picks out the definition for painting to come :)

Hmm about the spiders.. that would look pretty good I think, but if I kept the scheme as the scorps.. then i'd be tempted to have all the aspects like that... I can certainly see it working on scorps/spiders... but avengers?

Once i've finished off the rangers and scorpions.. i'm going to treat myself to something bigger.. which i'll pick up this sunday!

So what should I do next?

Wave serpent


more pics tomorrow on painting progress :)

02-12-2006, 00:10
Go for the 'lord first, then the serpent. Leave the Farseer for last, so you don't change your scheme after you paint him and then have to go back and change him (has happened to me 3 times...).

For the spiders, maybe color them up a deep red with brown?

02-12-2006, 19:15
Love your scorp - gives me a few ideas for an alternative scheme for mine. I've done my spiders black highlighted up with green and choice areas picked out in red like the backpack, helmet and kneeplates, other bits are bone[including the gun]. I highlight my reds up to orange and then yellow for that fiery look- makes them more eldritch to my mind and i go glossy too. My avengers are painted from black up through a deep blue, red again being the keynote colour. Mine is based on saim hann- hence the red- except its a bit fiery. Looking forwaard to more pics- keep it up.

Cap'n B
02-12-2006, 19:25
Your work is fantastic and I really like your scorp. I painted my spiders in the same colour scheme. My votes for the wraithlord next. how did you do the camo on the first ranger? I want to use something similar on mine.

03-12-2006, 12:34
Hmm about the spiders.. that would look pretty good I think, but if I kept the scheme as the scorps.. then i'd be tempted to have all the aspects like that... I can certainly see it working on scorps/spiders... but avengers?

How about keeping the scheme similar, but just having subtle changes, eg deep blue instead of black on the avengers? loving your work so far though, very original. I'd probably say do the wraithlord next if you're unsure of colour schemes, since you already have your craftworld colours

03-12-2006, 19:56
Well I picked up a wraithlord today :)

I'll post some pics later tonight of the progress on my rangers, i'll start on the wraithlord after the ranger squad is done I think..

the WL will be as my craftworlds colours.. green/red.. the kit is beautiful, should be alot of fun :)

03-12-2006, 20:08
Auru The WL kits is great but quite frustrating too have fun. Look my Project log to see my efforts on my WL

04-12-2006, 15:45
Didn't manage to get round to taking some pics last night.. I got to carried away building my WL :)


heres an in progress shot of a ranger, i've got 1 other whos at this stage.. hopefully finishing them both off tomorrow, that'll leave a pair of rangers to go before I start on the WL.


After that.. it's all scorps!

04-12-2006, 20:40
Good pose for the Wraithlord, and good work on the ranger. It's confusing how your models make me look on the gyro-stabilizer arms and like them.

05-12-2006, 06:11
I'm going for the same combo on my WL.

Looking good, would like to see it painted