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30-11-2006, 23:13
Inspired by Doghouse's project log, and getting a considerable amount of inspiration from his project I though I would attempt my first Imperial Guard tank conversion (and maybe my last lol)

Like a few here I am slowly building a DKoK army with tank support. With the WWI look of the FW mins I wanted the tanks to reflect that same look. The reason I say this may be my last is because I really like the look of the up coming DKoK LR tanks and may go with those.

First my finished product before paint (I finished the conversion last night) then some step-by-step.

First up, my I introduce my DKoK LR MkII

I'll add some WIP pics and a final painted pic. Going to try and paint it this weekend using my airbrush.

I hope you enjoy this Project.


Easy E
01-12-2006, 06:36
Nice stretch Leman. I can see the inpiration from Doghouse's work. I like the little plates you added on the side.

Quin 242
01-12-2006, 06:40
While nifty.. I'mm not sure I get the little plates OR the gap in the track guards?

Will you be GSing the gaps and recreating the damaged detail? I refer specifically to the bolt directly behind the sponson... It's cut in half... and the cut marks on the Right hand side are pretty apparent.

01-12-2006, 07:46
Nice start, i too am looking forward to gettin my grubby mits on the DKoK lemans, thought this looks pretty good too.

you may want to clean up the cuts and fill the gaps where the tank halves join though.



01-12-2006, 10:33
STEP I (The Tracks)

This was the hardest part and I have to admit I had to reorder the side tracks from GW because I messed up the first set.
I had a hard time getting the front and back to match up in length so I came up with a simple solution.

First I made sure I matched up the front and back sides and played around with marking them where I wanted the cut.


After I had them matched and marked I used house hold gift tape and taped them together.


I used a Miter box to make my cut with thin shop saw. Has hard as I tried the cut still came out
uneven and am thinking of getting a small table saw for better cuts and other projects.


Once I cut both sets I was able to match them up and glue the two parts together.
I also used thin plastic sheet to help secure the cut (not shown)


I like using the Plastic card squares for two reasons. First I
can use it to cover and hide mistakes, gaps and bad cuts
second once painted it looks much better and extra Armor.


01-12-2006, 23:56
Looks really nice! Excellent job mate, glad I could of some inspiration to you. :)
I'm guessing the little plates are ablative armour?

02-12-2006, 01:42
I like the look of the stretch, the plates look nice, any house rules for them? Looking forward to seeing the painted russ.

02-12-2006, 12:03
Thanks for everyones input, I look forward to checking this post.

The next step I took was to glue the track guides and cut
the body. Even with all my measures one of my hull sides
cut was uneven, off by just the smallest but enough that
I had to cut off some of the inside circles and the pins
off of the track guides to get them to fit.

I don't have a picture of the cut hull body before gluing.

I cut the hull body where the Lasercannon or Heavy Bolter mount where the hull starts to angle down.

Once I cut the hull body I glued it to the hull sides
and left a gap between the front plate and the
rest of the main body



I then took plastic card and cut a filler plate to go
in between the front plate and the main hull.



I then glued the bottom and have to admit that I did not
fill in the gap so there is a hole but no one every looks
under my tanks lol.


02-12-2006, 12:55
Looking good! I might have to give this a try and since your doing an excellent job informing us how you did it I think I really might.

03-12-2006, 12:50
As the last picture shoes I added the track and track guard. The uncovered place is two fold,
one I ran out of track guard LOL, second I wanted part of the track visible to help break up the painting.

Here is a test fit before adding the extra armor or accessories.


I then added the dozer blade, Laser cannon and extra armor.
I know the extra armor is either you like it or don't, I've
been using it for a few years and it looks good once painted.



Now on to the painting. I'm going to try to use the
camo that GW used in Black Gobo #1


They have it listed as 375th Death Korp of Krieg Plasma Storm Pattern.

I like how the deep red and orange break up the gray