View Full Version : Imp 500 vs Eldar. Suggestions welcome!

01-12-2006, 00:35
On Monday, my local shop is having a bit of a challenge. Bring 500 points of yours to face off against a staffer's Eldar. Here's what I've got to pick from:

4x Plastic Cruisers (almost any configuration)
8x Swords Frigates
6x Firestorm Frigates
2x Dauntless

So, in 500 points, I was considering taking:

1x Dauntless
1x Tyrant
2x Swords
2x Firestorms

And either 1 extra frigate, or a 50 point commander.


01-12-2006, 02:39
Another Dauntless would be good and I might even drop the Tyrant to take more Escorts. Cobras with Torpedoes could prove useful.

01-12-2006, 04:00
I would, but I have no cobras (yet)

although, I'm going to be receiving 16 imperial cruisers soon. More cruisers than I'll ever have to worry about! ;)

01-12-2006, 04:30
My instinct would be to drop some escorts in favor of another Tyrant.

Swords do pack a punch. But the Eldar are going to get first strike against any weapon with 30cm or less range, and there might not be many swords after that to return fire.

So something with a range that the eldar will have trouble darting away from, and the durability to survive a turn or two, will do better.

Zhai Morenn
01-12-2006, 13:33
As an Eldar player I can tell you that taking 2 cruisers alone is most Eldar player's dream targets (Unless they're other eldar, necron, or long range chaos battery boats). You're gambling on 2 10wb 45cm ships being able to catch the Eldar. With so few targets for Eldar to choose from, its highly likely that not only will the Eldar get the first shots off, but one of the cruisers will likely get crippled or destroyed in the initial pass. 500 pts can by the Eldar a lot of Eldar torpedos and pulsars. Plus, what if you bring your 2 upgraded Tyrants and lo and behold hes got 2x Eclipses? You will never see them in range- you're just gonna have wave after wave of bombers hitting you.

Sorry if it sounds all doom and gloom, but a few slow and unmanuverable ships have never really been a threat to my corsair fleet. What I would recomend, is fielding the swords and Dauntlesses in two equal squadrons- so when the Eldar sweep in to strike one, they can brace and hopefully weather the storm, while the other squadron can support them with full firepower- That or put an upgraded Tyrant a bit behind and to the side of the squadron, able to lend long range battery support and be protected by the faster squadron.