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02-12-2006, 21:16
This army is for a campaign thats about to start at my games club, and i've tried to go with a Themed, "raider" force. This waaggh is all about hard hitting stuff. theres not a lot of magic in our "circle" at the moment with 2 dwarves and a khornate chaos player + woodelves, brettonians and lizard men so i decide to avoid it as well in favour of chariots. Any suggestions welcome.

Gorefist Black tusk: Black Orc BigBoss on Boar Chariot 161

Naggleglob Swiftkicka:Goblin Bigboss on Gigantic spider with Martogs best basha 90 [considering a wolf over the Spider]

Shakkaska Khan: Savage Orc Bigboss on Boar with Great weapon, Bigged’s kicking boots, shield, 127

5 Goblin spider riders musician 71
5 Goblin spider riders musician 71
5 goblin wolf riders with spears and musician 71
5 goblin wolf riders with spears and musician 71

6 Savage orc Boarboyz with spears and shields, Full command, Banner of butchery. 213

Goblin Wolf Chariot 60
Goblin Wolf Chariot 60


02-12-2006, 21:24
Not tough enough to crack dwarven regiments.

Will get shot to **** against woodies.

probably get shot to **** against lizards.

Probably do decently against khone, if you can charge.

Probably not do much against brets, because of their armor and ward save, your chariots will get locked in and killed.

I believe your lack of any static combat res will be your downfall. I predict you will start off doing well for a week or two, then your opponents will figure-out how to counter your army because it is very singular and small.

02-12-2006, 22:27
i probably agree with most of what you say, but the force will increase in size during the campaign. if i were to drop stuff for blocks of boyz, what would it be? plus it would ruint the theme a fair amount, but i'm thinking as the campaign progresses they would gain more boyz for the waaghh from those who flock to the armies sucess hoping to bash people

04-12-2006, 17:41
The raiders got there first game yesterday. They fought in a three way game vs lizard men and chaos. I moved on from one edge in the first turn and took on both at once. They emerged victorious capturing 2 standards and gaining the objective. The raiders have now established a port at the poisonous lagoon.