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03-12-2006, 00:02
I'm thinking of switching from Dwarves (Which I just don't enjoy painting or playing) to Empire, especially with the new stuff coming out.

Anyways, I wanted to play a fast, tough and shooty army. So, here's my shot at it:

Hero: Captain-132
-Barded Warhorse
-Full Plate Armour
-Sword of Sigismund

Hero: Battle Wizard-139
-2nd Level Wizard
-Barded Warhorse
-Ring of Volans
-Lore of Fire

Core: Knights of the Inner Circle-274
9 Knights
-First Knight
-Standard Bearer

Core: Knightly Order-270
10 Knights
-First Knight
-Standard Bearer

Core: Knightly Order-270
10 Knights
-First Knight
-Standard Bearer

Special: Pistoliers-190
10 Pistoliers

Special: Great Cannon-100

Rare: Hellblaster Volley Gun-125

03-12-2006, 08:33
A cav army with war machines?
It doesnt really fit the theme.
I find if your going to go themed go the whole thing.

You may say that they are needed but i say find a replacement, find some other way to deal with this type of situation.
Perhaps take a Galloper gun or two?

Pistoliers should be in two units. (+champ w/ RP)
Huntsmen (which are fast) may fit the theme and add a little.


03-12-2006, 09:08
If you changed the warmachines to more pistoliers you'd have a armylist to fear.

Think about dropping the wizard and going for 2 hero's with lances, making your cavalry units pure unit breakers.

03-12-2006, 14:24
If I were you I would drop all the cav. units down to 6 in each, giving you 4 units of 6 , by making the inner circle ones just 5 and then adding the hero. I think it would be much better...

And as for the cannons and Helblaster, it doesn't really fit the theme, plus they will be horrendously alone on the field. I would take more pistoliers, or a Galloper Gun or two. You can actually kill monsters quite good with strenght 4pistoliers/outrides too.

03-12-2006, 14:39
Ranked cav units in 7th ed is way too expensive to be usefull. Split up those large unwidely units.