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03-12-2006, 16:13
I've always wondered how the Imperium gets Titans to teh battlefield. I understand building them on forgeworlds and having them deployed on heavily industrialized planets but what about off world campaigns?

For that matter how does Chaos bring these to a campaign or the Eldar?
Orcs would of course build them out of well... anything, but eldar? Do they use a warp gate?

Is there some super heavy drop ship somewhere that the Adeptus Titanicus use? Perhaps they are armoured in some sort of drop pod that encases them for reentry and rockets, chutes and hydrolic bracing to slow for landing. I have images of a Starship Troopers style deep striking Warhound Titan! :)

03-12-2006, 16:19
according to galaxy in flames if im remembering it right the imperium use big **** drop pod style craft.

as for the others i have no real idea

03-12-2006, 16:22
I'm sure they have drop pods too, just REALLY big ones!

03-12-2006, 16:44
I imagine all sorts of BAttletech style drop ships but of a very gothic styling. Anyone seen any pictures, depictions or descriptions of these?

03-12-2006, 16:55
Huge ass ships.

In "Storm of Iron" the IW use a enslaved Hiveship to bring their Titans to the battlefield.

03-12-2006, 16:55
During the Medusa Campaign, the Chaos Titans arrived through a rift in the warp.

03-12-2006, 17:03
Eldar can bring them through Webway gates - massive ones, on to worlds that they once controlled. To bring them to the surface of a world they never set foot on, it is probably not beyond landing a small spacecraft (escort size) on the surface. The same goes for Chaos and Imperial, landing an escort sized vessle carrying a few small titans or 1-2 large ones. Orks probably crash a ship carrying the titans into the target planet.

03-12-2006, 17:13
Huge ass ships.

In "Storm of Iron" the IW use a enslaved Hiveship to bring their Titans to the battlefield.

That is possibly the worst idea that the BL writers have come up with; I really don't know how the hell THAT became "canon" (as all BL novels seem to become)!

Anyway, Titan Legions would be carried in normal transport ships, akin to their Imperial Guard comrades.

It may take one or two to carry th big legions, but there won't be any specialised treatment for them.

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03-12-2006, 18:43
that drop ship picture is not what I expected. It looks more like a fancy coffin than anything else. I imagine without wings it would fly similar to one as well.

03-12-2006, 19:45
How about this?

Yes its big :)

03-12-2006, 19:52
that's much better and closer to what I imagined but the angle is hard to make out the overall form.

03-12-2006, 20:00
And you cant really make out how far away it is... Does the small "entrances" fit titans? I like to think so :)

03-12-2006, 20:36
And you cant really make out how far away it is... Does the small "entrances" fit titans? I like to think so :)
There's a larger version of the image in the IG codex. I can't find at the moment, but there's like full regiments/battalions/whatever standing in front of each door, so they must be pretty wide, like 50 men or something.

Brother Othorio
03-12-2006, 21:18

holy smeg that minis booty-ful! shame they ever released it.. its not a titan transport however ~ the Thunderbolt only had a capacity for 40 Infantry or 4 Armoured Vehicles (it was from Space Marine 1st edition/Adeptus Titanicus)

oh and as for some more evidence of massive landers like the one in the Cadian pic:

The vast ship settled slowly, more than covering the site of the old city that had stood there two days before. The Scouring of Catenanda had begun.

Two hundred feet below, six Warlord Titans strode three
abreast from an open doorway. Two thousand Space Wolves
streamed from smaller doorways, and Leigad could almost hear
the noise as their dozens of vehicles moved out.

The huge internal elevators were bringing the main Titan
strength down from the flight bays. Another six Warlords and
eight Reavers marched out. On the opposite flank of the ship, a
thousand Ultramarines stood ready, and their Dreadnoughts
crowded to join them.

03-12-2006, 21:28
Thats not reliable is it? Who ever heard of ALL the Ultramarines in one place?

03-12-2006, 21:32
If this piece was written after GW had fleshed out the Horus Heresy, it might be set during the Heresy. So a thousand Ultramarines out of the whole Legion (10,000 men?).

03-12-2006, 21:37
ah ok that makes more sense

Brother Othorio
03-12-2006, 21:43
Space Marine 1st edition "EPIC Battles in the Age of Heresy" was the game where the Horus Heresy as we know it came into being

Thats not reliable is it? Who ever heard of ALL the Ultramarines in one place?

about 10 pages later actually :D

Gulliman looked across the valley, towards the clouds of smoke that sprawled across the horizon. Though they were half-hidden by the thick red-brown plumes, he could just make out the flattened carapaces of the Traitor Warlords. At this range they were no more than tiny black specks fluttering in the breeze, and the hundreds of armored machines that swarmed around the Titan’s feet looked less threatening than a swarm of ants.

“The Word Bearers; the whole Chapter on the field at once.”
Gulliman allowed himself a ironic smile.

“A remarkable event, even more so now that the Ultramarines
stand ready to face them.”

(note the use of 'chapter', the fluff at the time was that 'chapters at the time of the horus heresy numbered in the tens of thousands of men' and 'the chapters of the horus heresy were far larger than those that were created from their broken remnants in the aftermath' ~ some people latch onto the use of the word 'chapter' rather than 'legion' and say the entire SM1e fluff is obsolete)

03-12-2006, 22:14
That peice was written for the original Space Marine Epic game. And it was written 16-17 years ago and was meant to take place during the Heresy. As for Titan Transports, you got 5 choices as I see it:

1. Droppods. I see these as being able to carry only Scout or Light Battle class Titans (Warhounds and Reavers). I think maybe Heavy Battle class (Warlords) and Emperor-class Titans are just too big for Droppods.

2. Dropship. Basically just an oversized shuttle used to ferry the Titans from the big transports to the planetary surface. Small Dropships can carry a Scout Squadron or a Light Battle Titan, while a large Dropship can carry a Scout Squadron, 1 or 2 Light Battle Titans or 1 Heavy Battle Titan.

3. Small Transports. These Transports are just big enough to carry 1 or 2 Scout Squadrons or a single Battle Titan Group or a single Emperor class Titan while carrying the large engines necessary for warp travel and still be able to land on a planet. Note that small Transports usually lack the speacilized repair bays neccesary for Titan repair (and to switch out weapons) and are unable to carry or use droppods or dropships. On the other hand, small Transports are able to land in a great deal of different terrain, and are thus able to land or pick up their Titans in a great deal of different terrain.

4. Large Transports. Large Transports are capable of carrying up to a demi-legions worth of Titans, plus facilities for repairs, weapon storage, droppods, and dropships. These ships are capable of making planet fall but will need either a large spaceport or very firm ground (usually solid granite) to land on to avoid sinking into the dirt.

5. Super Heavy Transports. Super Heavy Transports such as the Absalom-class mentioned in the Gaunt's Ghosts are usually owned and operated by the Adeptus Mechanicus and are capable of transporting entire Legions of Titans as well as Praetorians and Ordinatus. Not only do these ships carry repair works and facillities for Droppods and Dropships, they also carry small transports of their own to move Ordinatus and Emperor-class Titans to and from the planetary surface. Another group that uses super-heavy transports is the Missionary Galaxia, who uses Antioch-class super-heavy transports (basically templeships) to move their Cathedral-class Emperor Titans around the Galaxy. Usually, super-heavy transports have speacilized bays that allow their Emperor-class Titans to act as a ship's battery in naval combat.

I hope this clarifies things a bit. None of this is canon (except for the Titans and ship names), but it sounds good to me so hopefully this helps. I've been up for almost 26 hours straight so please forgive any spelling or grammar mistakes.

03-12-2006, 22:30
Excellent synopsis Talos.