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03-12-2006, 16:39
Battlereport from last night. My last thread "@@ this space" got closed down so I will give you the report on this here thread. I will keep it simple.

My list 1500 points of OaG:

24 boys spear shield fc.
24 boys shield fc.
12 arrerboys.
36 ng 2 fanatics fc.
30 ng musician.

1 rocklobber
10 savageorcs boarriders fc banner of butchery :evilgrin:


Orc bigboss (general) :
greatweapon amulet of protectyness.
with the orc spearboys
Orc shaman:
lvl 2 staff of baduum.
With the arrerboys.

Nightgoblin shaman:
lvl 2 1 dispelscroll
With the ng archers

And my girlfriends army, and I might add that this was her first ever selfmade armylist.

15 saurus fc
12 skinks blowpipes.
12 skinks blowpipes.

3 kroxigors ancient.

3 salamander packs.

Saurus scar-vet (general):
shield of the mirrored pool.
blessed spawning of sotek
With the saurus warriors.

Saurus scar-vet:
schimitar of the sun resplendent
spawning of tepok.
With the kroxigors.

Skink priest:
lvl 2 amulet of protection
with a skink unit.

The report is under construction !!!

03-12-2006, 16:51
Do you have pics?

03-12-2006, 17:30
Not to be mean here, but her list seems better composed then yours :P

Are you her teacher?

03-12-2006, 17:34
Not to be mean here, but her list seems better composed then yours :P

I like his more than hers. Do you got any pics of emīminis??

03-12-2006, 18:08
Turn 1.
The lizzards won the dice who gets first and they advance on a broad collected line. No shooting or magic to speak of.

The OaG advance in more discohorted way with the choppa shield orcs squabbling and so did the Ng shortbows. The savage boar riders hold back and the troll screens them to keep them from charging of. The rocklobba missfires with a 5 as a result.

Turn 2.
The salamanders fries some Ng spearmen some orcs fall to poison darts but nothing to write home about. Most of the lizzardmen army lurks on a broad front at the middle of the table.

The ng spearunit releases their fanatics but reaches nothing. The the troll goes stupid. The orc general unit nudges forward and so does . the rocklobber takes out 3 saurus warriors. A Eadbut spell wounds the saurus general.

Turn 3.
The salamanders burns some more Ng spearboys and one fanatic the other one is killed by skinks. The main body of the lizzards is still not moving. The priest skinks spells are still not getting trough..

The Ng spearunit charges the salamanders and wins big, but the saurus general is close by and saves the day, and seems ready to charge the Ng next turn. The savage orc boarriders moves a bit closer, and is now in the charge range from the saurus cavalry. But they are coverd by the orc general unit. Magic killes a few skinks.

Turn 4.
The lizzard general and hes unit of saurus soldiers smashes in to the side of the Ng spearboys who get horrible beaten and flee straight back against the orc deployment (the salamander unit infront of them had bigger unit strength). The salamanders restrain them self and the lizzard general unit does not reach the black robed little buggers. Then disaster the saurus cavalry goes stupid and ends up a few inches infront off the froathing savage boarriders. And there is no end to the lizzard misery as the skink priest misscasts and blows of a hand, 1 wound it is.

The savage orc boarriders charges the saurus cavalry and releases the power or banner of butchery. All in all it reasults in a 8 wounds, the orcs rides stright trough the poor saurus cavalry and opens a hole in the lizzard line. In the magic department The hand of gork carries the orc general unit into the salamanders who duley gets crushed and flees and manage to escape because of a small wooded area. More magic, a magic missile frome the orc shaman gets bounce backed at him and his arrer bodyguard. The magic missile kills 3 arrerers and they panic (they where reduced by skinks earlier).

Turn 5.
The lizzzy general and bodyguard does not manage to catch the Ng spearboys, and hav now positioned them self for a flankcharge from the straggling unit of choppa and shield orcs. Salamanders keep running. The kroxiors have set their eyes on the Ng shaman and his shortbow Ng.

The waaagh is called upon does little. The orc general tries to reach the salamanders does nt succed. The Orc choppa and shield boys flankcharge the saurus general unit and breaks it but does not manage to catch it.The savage boarriders turn to face the kroxigors from behind. The orc shaman plus arrerers does not rally and runs trough the rocklobber who does not break. The rocklobber kills 6 skinks and they flee of the field of battle. Brainbursta kills some skinks.

Turn 6.
It looks bleak for the lizzards. The kroxigors though manage to charge and pursuit of the Ng archers and their Ng shaman leader of the table and away from a horrible savage orc boarrider backattack. I had thoughtlessly forgot to remove the Ng shaman from the unit as the kroxigors approached wich quite annoyed me actually. The general and sauruses rallied, the salamaders left the battle. The jungle swarm attempts to redirect the savage orcs from the shaman and his thanks to Brainbursta now lonely skink.

The jungleswarm redirection works even though the little buggers get killed, the priest will live to tell about it. No more charges. The orc shaman and his arrerboys keeps on running. The rocklobber finnishes the day by killing 3 saurus warriors, they hold though.

Orc solid victory.

Sorry for the delay. I am a father of small things...

03-12-2006, 18:10
Not to be mean here, but her list seems better composed then yours :P

Are you her teacher?

Yes I am actually :p

03-12-2006, 18:16
I like his more than hers. Do you got any pics of emīminis??

Unfortunately we did not take any pics. But might take some to night. We are planning another round of good warhammer mayhem :cool:
And to all you perverts out there I know what you thinking, but this is not that kind of pics :eek: :D