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Sergeant Uriel Ventris
05-12-2006, 04:44
So what is more tactically sound, spider riders with spears and hand weapons or short bows? Are they more useful as full on attackers or just harrying the enemy from behind? Are the spiders' poison attacks useful? And what's the deal with airplane food?

05-12-2006, 05:50
seeing as spiders have less move and their mounts have poison attacks, I would say they are better at flank charges than wolves.

05-12-2006, 06:24
Don't forget their ability to run through terrain.

It makes them excellent flank guards. I suspect bows would be more useful if you use them in that position as well.

05-12-2006, 09:50
The golbins are better at shooting, the spiders are better at close combat. So you need to use them to move into charge range of weak units and shoot the stronger units.

Conclusion: Shortbows.

Airline food sits on both extremes of quality/cost.


warlord hack'a
05-12-2006, 11:29
if you use them as warmachine hunters/marchblockers/scoutblockers then give them shortbows.

But you can also make a block of 15 of these buggers, give them spears, march them through the side of the table with difficult terrain and set them up for a flank charge and overrun move. With their US of 30 they will be the unit with the highest US and thus if they break the enemy unit (in combination with one of your combat units to the front) that unit will flee perpendicular to the battle line.

However, manouvering a block of spideriders 5 inch wide and 6 inch depp is a hell of a job..

If you do not liek airplane food try Singapore Airlines, their food is great

05-12-2006, 21:22
Are you asking whether to give them spears or bows? They come standard with spears. Bows are a 1 point upgrade. It isn't an either/or situation.

Doc Havoc
05-12-2006, 22:44
Agreed, I prefer to use both bow's and spears. The S4 on the charge is very nice.
When not charging, since they count as fast cavalry they can use their free reforms to create an impromptu gun-line with thier short bows.
I think the bows really add a lot of versatility to any fast-cav unit.

I will be taking a goblin BSB on a Gigantic Spider with the spider banner as well. This will make all of thier bow attacks and spear attacks posioned in whatever unit he joins. It also gives them a full US of 24.

I do not think that they are viable without support, however, so I will be flanking each unit of spider-riders with 2 units of 8 wolf-riders with bows. This way I can put the additional movement of the wolf-riders to good use and get some flank attacks in to nail down that coffin lid. (A chariot should work just as well too.)

Also they are just as good at the flee-bait tactic as wolf-riders since they fall back the same distance.
I will be trying mine at a tourney this weekend.

Da GoBBo
06-12-2006, 17:18
if you use them as warmachine hunters/marchblockers/scoutblockers then give them shortbows.

Don't really agree. Ye don't need bows for march/scoutblockin. Shortbows versus warmachines don't pack much of a punch (units like this are generally 5-6 big). Will probably take a couple of rounds to get rid of 1 warmachine. Better to attack em head on, so no need for bows.

warlord hack'a
06-12-2006, 21:23
sorry my bad. I did not intend to use the bows to shoot the warmachine crew, that's where you have the spiders for. But giving them bows when they go for the warmachine hunt is nice because this menas the spiderriders will have to move 2 or 3 turns before they reach the warmachine, turns in which they can use their bows to shoot at enemy characters or small lightly armored enemy units. Same goes for marchblocking, you want to keep on marchblocking so you do not want them to engage, so giving them bows will add to their annoyance factor. I would give mine only spears when I plan to get them into cc quickly, thus only when they are in a bigger unit..

07-12-2006, 13:02
From my article on Goblin Units and Characters (http://folk.ntnu.no/~tarjeia/avian/tactics/goblin_units_chars.php):

Short bowsfor Spider Riders: As with Wolf Riders, this should really be seen as a way of spending a few spare points, and in this case the actual value of the short bows is even less than in a Wolf Rider unit. This is because the unit will more often be lurking so that only a few models can see and be seen by the enemy, in which case most models in the unit will not be able to shoot. Additionally, the lower Movement rate of Spider Riders means that you are less likely to be within short range and therefore less likely to hit anything.

See also my article on Greenskin Archery (http://folk.ntnu.no/~tarjeia/avian/tactics/orc_archery.php) for some tips on bows on fast cavalry.