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05-12-2006, 13:56
Hello Good People of Warseer

To Satisfy my addiction to build new armies I have come across a simple solution.

I currently want to build Orks, IG (again), SM, Necron, SoB, and 1K sons. The answer was simple - build a 400Pt force. My next project is a Small Blood Raven Force and I was wondering how many other people have dedicated Small forces for Combat Patrol as I'm growing rather fond of the format. Allso suggestions to paint are welcome ( how am I gonna paint 1000000 Eldar neatly ?).

Shadow Lord
05-12-2006, 14:12
I play Emperor's Children and Eldar. Now I'm hoping to buy a small Necron force and maybe some Dark Eldar/Orks. Playing Combat patrol is a good way to have multiple armies withuot having to buy everything the army needs. I lke the format as well.
As for some painting advice...mmm...1000000 pts of Eldar...paint them totally white and say that they come from an Eldar Crafworld where they're fond of ice and snow and now they wear snow-camouflage...:eek:

05-12-2006, 15:05
[QUOTE=Shadow Lord;1123199]Now I'm hoping to buy a small Necron force QUOTE]

shame they don't actually work very well in 400 pt games...

Im making an Eldar 400pt, 750pts AND 1000pt list at the moment for all aspects of winter war (both in and out of store)

should be fun, but its taking me ages!