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06-12-2006, 03:37

Iím deciding to write an article on deployment, so here it is.

The first part of deployment is choosing table side. If your opponent wins this roll, there isnít much you can do. If you win you have to think.

Start by looking at the table. First look for where the main fights are going to take place. Is there a large open area in the middle, thatís where the fight is going to be. Is there a river blocking half the table with only one bridge? That bridge will become key. Is the board divided nicely into a right and left half, with a forest in the middle? The fight will mainly be on one side or the other. Are there a number of avenues between woods on the table, if so, the fights will happen there.

Stop then and compare the two armies, if yours very aggressive, and his defensive? If so, the fight will take place on his side, and you want the terrain that favors your troops combat style on his side. Are you defensive, and heís going to have to come to you? Then the fight will take place by your deployment zone, and you want your favored terrain close to you.

Second, look at your army. Do you have a lot of shooting, then you want hills. Do you have lots of fast mobile troops? Then you want to have the fights take place in open areas where you can hit your opponentís flanks. Do you have a few units of heavy hitters? You want the fight to take place in places that limit your opponents maneuverability, and make him hit the front of your units. Do you have lots of Skirmishers, then you want combat to take place in terrain that will destroy your opponents maneuverability while not limit yours.

Third, look at your opponents army. Your army may not get much use out of a hill, but how much use will your opponent get out of it. You may choose to take the hill just to make sure your gunline opponent doesnít get it. Can your opponent make your life a living hell by putting his skirmishers in that wood? Think about what your opponent wants, and where he wants the fight to take place.

You then have to stop and think about where the fights probably will take place, and where you want them to take place. Not you with all this information in hand, you are far better prepared to choose the side that will let you control the battle, rather than your opponent.

Now, once you have your table side, you have to start putting down units. There are two types of units that should be deployed first. First are the obvious deployments. Everybody already knows your archers are going on that hill. Itís not going to be to your benefit to hide this information. The second type are small cheap units. 5 Night runners that are in your list only to run up the table edge and take a table quarter. The 5 chaos hounds that will die and you wonít care. These units stall deployment, letting you see what your opponent plans on doing. From there start to deploy following the general rule of cheapest units to most expensive. There are exceptions to this. If you have one unit that will scares your opponent donít deploy it, let him guess as to where itís going. If you have mounted deamonites, donít worry too much about where they go, they are fast enough to get where you need them very quickly.

Deploying the core of you force, return to paying attention to where the main fights are going to be. Is your opponent Focusing on one of the fights, can you make it so fighting him there will be to your advantage, from there put the units where you need them.

Hopefully my little article helped a few people, if anyone has any comments or questions, ask them.

06-12-2006, 05:25
I would like to expound on the fact that if you should deploy faster units first because they can redeploy quickly. The key is to have your opponent placing slower units in response to faster units so that you can redeploy much quicker and get the flank or drag his lines out.

Other than that, I think this is a good guide and has a good list of things to evaluate while setting up the terrain as well. I think we should compile a check list of things to think about:

1) Where are the main combats going to take place?
2) What pieces of terrain do I gain the most benefit from?
3) What pieces of terrain does my opponent gain the most benefit?
4) Can I deploy my army on both sides or just one? (or your opponent)

Think of others for me, I'm really tired. Also, might be a good idea to link the terrain and generalship thread to this one as it touches on the terrain placement part of this whole process.