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Boogy Man
06-12-2006, 16:08
Styx class cruiser 425pts
-warmaster 100pts
-csm crew 35pts

Devastation class cruiser 190pts

Slaughter class cruiser 200pts
-Csm crew 35pts

Carnage class cruiser 180pts

Total: 995pts

Bought the starting pack together with my friend and I got chaos so some comments plz.

06-12-2006, 20:26
A good start to a chaos fleet I would say. Chaos completely outclasses Imperial until you get to the Battleship level. An emperor class completely spanks any of the Chaos battleships in my opinion but you're OK with what you have. Beware however, the carriers in the chaos list are overpriced for what they do, especially if you play the revised/experimental rule of limited ordnance (no more ordnance counters in play than you have launch bays). You may want to rethink the styx business. Chaos firepower/range/speed is such that all they really have to do is engage the imperials in a stand up fight and they've won. All in all you don't really need the flying stuff.

06-12-2006, 20:34
Hmm, I think the problem with this fleet is that you're trying to stretch the 4 cruiser models that you have to 1,000pts.

The Styx is superbly well-suited to the role of a support ship, able to turn broadside on without losing any firepower, and utilising that 60cm range gunnery whilst spewing out attack craft. There are however two things that make it widely regarded as something to avoid when choosing your fleet :

- Firstly, whilst it has great gunnery and great ordnance capabilities, it will never be able to maximise these because it isn't able to reload ordnance and lock-on at the same time.

- Secondly, and most importantly - it's the most expensive cruiser in the game. Sure it has some great weaponry, but it's just as easy to destroy as a Slaughter despite costing 75% more. This makes it a huge target for an opponent looking for easy victory points.

This second problem is made worse by adding that super-expensive warmaster onboard - really not worth it in such a small game. 425pts for an 8 hit point ship is painful...

I think it would be better to build your 4 cruisers as the starting point for a larger fleet. My personal choice would be to pair up a Hades with a Murder class, since I think their weaponry works well together and the Murder can shield the slightly more pricey Hades in a squadron. I'd then opt for a Devestation to provide attack craft cover and a Slaughter class which makes an excellent ship when things get close-in. Add a cheap Warmaster and that little lot totals 775pts, leaving 225pts for another cruiser or some escorts in the future. Maybe even a Repulsive class if your opponent is feeling generous enough to give you the 5 points :).

06-12-2006, 20:48
For a 1000 point game, you don't have enough models. 4 Cruisers usually add up to about 800 points, and then you add escorts/fleet masters. You usually won't use 4 cruisers until a game that's 1000+, because otherwise your model count is simply too low.

You'll need some escorts; idolators and iconoclasts are the best for Chaos. You might consider buying a Desolater or Despoiler for larger games (I'd recommend the Desolater, personally).

Boogy Man
07-12-2006, 15:58
IŽve noticed that the styx does attract really much fire. Is there any marks that youŽd recommend me to take because those CSM crews arent so permanent.

I was stupid and built those cruisers, but my friends donŽt care if I proxy some escorts so keep the advice coming. And thx for the comments that have already been posted.

07-12-2006, 22:52
Nurgle is the only mark really worth taking; the extra hit is nice, and stopping boarding actions is great against armies like Tyranids.

Tzeentch is a decent mark too, but expensive.