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Getifa Ubazza
09-12-2006, 13:39
I have both an Ogre kingdoms army and a Night goblins army and ive just bought a Giant and was wondering if it was worth putting in any of my armies.

My Ogre army is made up only with ogres, although i do have a unit of yettees. My night goblins are similar in the sense that it only has night goblin units in it, nothing else other than night goblins.

So whatcha think, are Giants worth taking?

09-12-2006, 13:50
YouŽll find some opinions on this thread http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=59423

Getifa Ubazza
09-12-2006, 14:14
Thanks for that Warwolf. I dont think it answered my question, but interesting reading non the less.

09-12-2006, 15:55
It really depends on your army composition. Giants are big easy targets. Will your opponent targeting your Giant allow other fragile but high damage output units to get into combat? If so then they are a good choice. Is your army fast and mobile? As far as rare selections go, the Giant can fit in adequately with movement needs better than most. Personally, I don't set up my army against a particular opponent, but if you do a Giant will be good against fear causing units like undead and against low leadership units that will be subject to Terror.

I really don't like Giants much. That said, my 2000 point O&G army has two.

09-12-2006, 17:12
Short answer: Yes. At least in a Gobbo army. I don't know about Ogres. I have never regretted taking a giant, and I usually take two. Yes, they are incredibly fragile. Just keep that in mind when you deploy them. If you expect them to wade into the middle of the enemy's elite troops and destroy his whole battle line without taking any damage, you are probably going to be disappointed. Giants serve their purpose quite well, even if that purpose is sometimes only being a large and obvious target while the rest of my units rush across the table.

09-12-2006, 17:13
I really don't like Giants much. That said, my 2000 point O&G army has two.

You just made me laugh out loud! =) Gotta stop getting into warseer while drinking.

I love my giant in my all Gobbo horde. Most people tend to be very afraid of him, moving out of his way etc. Then when he hits their line he usually makes up for his cost rather fast.

Since gobbos has a tendency to run away all the time, the giant also helps with that. LD10 stubborn, and possibly battle standard somewhere near makes him almost immune to losing combats due to ranks, banner & outnumber, so it doesn't matter if he just get a pick up and kill one model. Just take into account that when he attacks it will take 2-3 combat turns before he breaks them and watch out for high strength countercharges.

Parka boy
09-12-2006, 17:54
I think giant are great well worth the points if you can get them into hand to hand combat. I haven't seen one in a OK army list I guess cause his isnt stubborn. A guy in Cardiff used to run a giant in his 2k NG army to great effect well he did have about 12 fanatics and about 14 power dice as well. The largest done size to fielding a giant is that it can be taken down in a couple of rounds with str3 missle fire.

10-12-2006, 14:52
I use a giant in my beasts of chaos army and it has been indispensable in loads of games. You can nearly always rely on them to stick around so they're good for holding up units that don't have much chance of hurting them. Their attacks are also capable of killing almost any unit in the game, provided you roll the right one. Yell and bawl is particularly powerful if your giant is striking first, so is thump with club if you're fighting something like a treeman. Obviosly you're putting your faith in a random roll of the dice but isn't that what the game's half about?
Oh yeah and they cause terror, which in one roll of a couple of dice can send some very expensive units running off the board and all the giant has to do is stand there and watch.
The units i avoid with them though are units of ogre sized creatures as the giant will only be able to damage one at a time leaving maybe two left to hurt him :(
Plus evil characters that have multi-wound causing weapons are mean.

warlord hack'a
10-12-2006, 19:24
my giant sometimes is a 205 point waste, and sometimes he wins the game, lie when he ate the enemy dwqrf general on shield, gulp, there went 300 or so points.. But be careful with them, they can stand only one round of missile fire, after that they should be in close combat, so deply out of sight and stay that way if the enemy has lots of missile troops. I like them mainly because of their small bas esize compared to the number of wounds they can cause and looking at the rest of my horde it is really useful to ahve a unit that can squeeze in the small spaces left in my deployment zone..

10-12-2006, 19:51
Possible the most under rated unit in the game and in my opinion the most cost effective unit in the game. In my competitive lists I tend to field two. Many an opponent has been shocked if not sickened by thump with a club, pick up your lord or jump up and down rolls. And the models are by Far the most fun to paint.
If your facing off against a defensive shooting heavy army thats a good thing. often they will use 2000 points of there army to try and take down two giants while the rest of your forces can push froward with little or no damage.

a unit well wroth the points if used correctly.

10-12-2006, 19:52
Also don't forget tooth cracker.. t6 giants and stubbon. (one thing to note your giants aren't stubborn so take care when using them.

10-12-2006, 19:53
YES YES YES to taking a giant, certainly in your gobbo army anyway. They are just fun to have & who cares if in some games they end up diring in the first turn to a cannonball or bloody poison attacks, it's all worth it for that game when they start jumping up & down in the first turn on combat & killing lots of stuff or when your opponent gleefully kills him in combat only to witness the giant fall onto his own unit & kill lots more troops!!

Giants can be great, they can be rubbish as opinions here already say, but if you have a goblin army then you most likely aren't a beardy annoying gamer and actually enjoy the fun side of the hobby so take one, plus they are amazing models & loads of fun to make & paint.

Off-topic but Parka who are you? Are you a regular in the workshop? I am Jonah who used to work there if you know me?

10-12-2006, 20:58
So whatcha think, are Giants worth taking?

Yes. Just don't look in the back of the Wood Elf list and you'll be happy.


10-12-2006, 21:34
Also don't forget tooth cracker.. t6 giants and stubbon. (one thing to note your giants aren't stubborn so take care when using them.
You do know that you can't cast Toothcracker on the giant, right?
So, if you have been doing that, I recommend you stop with it, since it's cheating.

Sergeant Uriel Ventris
10-12-2006, 23:21
I don't think it counts as cheating if he's not aware that it's wrong. But it is wrong.

11-12-2006, 01:39
Well, think about it this way. For an Orc and Gobbo army, would you rather have a Giant, or 5 Trolls and a few extra points? How about a Doom Diver and another core unit? Personally, I could lean either way. They're great for drawing fire and if they hit combat they can do some nasty things, but on the other hand they're just as likely to get shot up on turn 2 or headbutt 4 times in a row against some ogres.

warlord hack'a
11-12-2006, 08:52
true, but never udneretsimate the psyche of your opponent: when they see night goblins they think fanatics, then they think 6 S5 hits killing of their best knights, so they are afraid of night gobbo's.
When the enemy sees a Giant they do not think about the headbutt or the falling down, they think of the jump up and down and the yell and bawl (my personal favorite against ranked up units with good WS and or S). Part of the terror of the giant is the unpredictabel attacks: when knights charge you you know what you get and a bit how to counter it or at least you can expect to be dead. But if a ginat charges you never know what you're gonna get.

11-12-2006, 09:05
Yeah, definatly. That's their only real advantage though, is that it's really hard to assign a target priority to them because you never know just how dangerous they are. So sometimes your opponent devotes too much or too little attention to the big guy based on what happened the last time he fought one. But that same randomness also means that when your opponent underestimates him and lets you flank his big bad center unit with him, he'll fall over backwards and get mobbed. A good use of 200 points if you're willing to take the bad with the good, which if you're an orc and gobbo player you are, since you KNOW how often those wolf riders have animosity in front of that reloading organ gun.

11-12-2006, 12:34
A good use of 200 points if you're willing to take the bad with the good, which if you're an orc and gobbo player you are, since you KNOW how often those wolf riders have animosity in front of that reloading organ gun.

Absolutely!!! I couldn't agree with this comment more. As an Orc & Goblin player you are obvisouly a player who plays for fun & Giants are HUGE fun!!! And as I said on my previous comment they're brilliant models which makes them essential to any O&G army IMO.

11-12-2006, 13:32
I alternate between a giant (for counter charge) and a black coach (for cavalry assault) in my 2k VC army. Although not as good as they could have been, they are still awesome

11-12-2006, 22:28
I would say that Giants have never let me down, put them on the flank in a NG army for their speed and watch your opponent do 1 of 2 things.

1. Dedicate too much to handle it, then cry as night goblins run over the rest of his army.
2. Ignore it saying that the Giant is overrated and then cry as it destroys 2 units a turn in the new rules as he rolls up a flank.

A giant is well worth taking if you're wanting to use him in this way.

11-12-2006, 22:30
How the hell is he going to destroy two units a turn?
The only way to do that would be if the units he is attacking is already engaged, and that is not something you can rely on the night goblins providing.

11-12-2006, 22:39
Giants have a huge psychological advantage over your opponent. What could happen with a Giant is more important that what actually will happen.

It focuses the attention of your oppoent for sure. So you can sneak stuff into positions that your opponent may miss/choose to ignore.

Also, if you are going to be facing a shooty army that can knock him down. You have some options.

1) you can march him straight ahead and have him share his burden of the artillery.
2) keep him in reserve behind terrain to protect you VP's and use him to patrol the flanks. Hopefully, by the 4th or 5th turn your enemies artillery is silenced so you can use him to smash what's been hanging around.

I know alot of skink players lick their lips at the sight of Giant. That's fine, keep him behind your own lines to lure those pesky skinks into compromised positions.

Also, you can use him to stop people from charging. Especially in a game against shooties. The opponent may wish to take the giant down by shooting, instead of charging and killing with lances or high strength characters. Thus you may also be able to stop a unit from advancing by having him take a barrage of shooting. While the heavy unit waits a turn while his guns take down the giant.

If the Giant is engaged he can't be shot at (usually). Damn those Rats.

warlord hack'a
11-12-2006, 22:42
how to destroy two units in one turn: charge and overrun the first, then overrun into a 2nd unit which has also this turn been chagred by night gobbo's, so the night gobbo's have not fought yet, you let the giant fight first!

12-12-2006, 19:27
Chances of a Giant breaking a unit in the turn it charges are very slim unless you manage to roll jump up and down and the chances of a unit being behind the one you have just managed to beaten & engaged by a NG unit are even slimmer considering the Giants higher movement and the fact the NG are going to have difficulty positioning.

Not saying impossible but definately pretty difficult for a Giant to cause that much damage. They're still definately worth taking though!