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10-12-2006, 12:32
Hello, here is my list for the 2k pts tour of next week.
Dwarfs this time .

Lords and heroes:

Lord on shieldbearers (with longbeards)
> greatweapon> r. of challange> r. of resistance (226pts)

Thane (with rangers)
>shield>MR. of swiftniss>R. of cleaving>R. of brotherhood (132pts)

Runesmith (with warriors)
>shield>R. of balance>r. of spellbreaking (147pts)

21 Longbeards (327pts)
>Full com. >R. of battle>R.Stoicism

20 Warriors (225pts)
>Full com. > great weapons

10 Tunderers> shields> music (155pts)

10 Quallers> shields> music> great handed> rangers(155pts)

9 Slayers (99)
9 Slayers (99)
2 Boltthrohers> engineers> 2x R of penetrating> r of burning (175)

Organ gun (120)
Gyrothopther (140)


Tactics, mostly refused flank with guns on one site with the Gyro stopping marching. The other site will be hold up by the beards and warriors and 1 unit of slayers.

What do you think?

10-12-2006, 15:01
if memory serves, you cant have x2 warmachines with the same runes on them. Also the quarrelers are a little small and vulnerable, that thane wont last too long, and the slayer units are way to small, might as well make it a large 18man unit, 9 doesnt even get a good rank bonus, other than that good, good combo on the runesmith i find

10-12-2006, 15:17

steel legion thats why he has 1 rune of burning :), tactics are good, thats what i mostly do. List is sound but i really do not like gyro copters, but if it buys you more shooting time / less units in comabt at any one time then i suppose that is good, althoug i would makesure it makes more than its points back through stoppong marching. One last thing - be careful the enemy dont just isolate one flank and then move to the other - you could just deploy all in one corner then you have a very low surface area hence you have to face less units in combat :)

11-12-2006, 09:23
Yesterday i played a practice game against an empire army.
Plus points
+ organgun. shot-up a full unit of knights and hellblaster crew.
+ one unit of slayers stoped the advance of 20 spearmen and 15 sword men for 3 turns.
+ longbeards kicked a unit of stubron knights in the ground but it took 3 turns.
+ xbow rangers killed a unit ogres...in hand combat.
Munis punts
- Dice rolls
- No good terrain for my rangers.
- Hellblaster shotup my Gyro
- one unit slayers did nothing.
- thunders only shot 5 humies over 5 turns
- warriors got shot up by hellblaster and cannons.
In the end i won. I lost 400pts of troops.