View Full Version : vindicator/whirlwind options with magnets

12-12-2006, 16:06
I saw this on bolter and chainsword, its an excellent conversion to permit swapping out vindicator/whirlwind options on a vehicle.

For you armored bioenhanced freaks out there.


12-12-2006, 17:07
Hey - that's almost exactly what I was planning on doing (y'know, soon - when I've painted everything else!) 'cept I'm intending to start with two razorbacks. Hopefully by the time I'm finished I should be able to equip one or both with either TL HB, TL LC, Whirlwind launcher or Vindicator cannon as the mood takes me. Feel extra inspired now!


14-12-2006, 21:44
Yep, doing one's vehicles with magnets is just about the best idea ever. With the new Starcannon/Brightlance nerf, I sure am glad I can slap ShuriCannons and Scatterlasers on them now without having to buy new models like everyone else.

15-12-2006, 00:45
Not just vehicles; I've seen Tau Crisis suits done up like that too -- and I think someone did it with a Necron Destroyer Lord...