View Full Version : LOTR Tournaments - is there a future?

09-07-2005, 18:09
I have just donwloaded the results from the LOTR event at Conflict: Midlands:


It appears that there were only 4 LOTR gamers compared to 42 WH40K and 52 WHFB players.

Not a very good showing, considering there were 78 who attended the LOTR Grand Tournament this year. Is there a future for LOTR contests at tournaments?

09-07-2005, 18:30
Once they get the theming write I think it will pick up, I went to lotr gt 2 years ago and it wasn't that much fun, most armys were just any random assortment of things thrown together with no thoughts to how it looked. With the new rule book and the "provinces" (harad, mirkwood etc) all in seperate bits I think it will be much better and lotr will pick up.

Also at the moment the LOTR tournament rules are a bit iffy, the riders of rohan bow rule for example.

09-07-2005, 19:12
I agree with Xavier and yourself Brandir, when the rules and the forces are settled so that perfect pitched battles can be fought more people will take up the game really.

13-07-2005, 08:06
This weekend's War For Rohan at Warhammer World has been cancelled due to a lack of interest:


I must admit that I didn't go because I only decided on Monday to go but, as I could not find any decent hotel accommodation near Lenton, decided not to buy a ticket.

Brother Frog
13-07-2005, 09:59
[color=deeppink]Once they get the theming write I think it will pick up, I went to lotr gt 2 years ago and it wasn't that much fun, most armys were just any random assortment of things thrown together with no thoughts to how it looked.

Unfortunately, most tournement armies are like this purely because it allows the player to pick the hardest troops from each race.

We have a number of 40K/WFB/LotR tournement players in my local GW. I personally won't play against any of them, as they are so beardy and whinge about everything (watching two of them arguing over a distance of 16th of an inch) that this has jaded me against ever competing in a tournement. :(

This weekend's War For Rohan at Warhammer World has been cancelled due to a lack of interest

Playing in big games, surrounded by small children just doesn't work for me.

Lord Gordonis
13-07-2005, 10:14
yeah i came 3rd and got the best army award as well, im Gordon Snellgrove btw, we played all 4 games before half 12 which was kinda boring but hey, there were about 10 LoTR players at Confilct Northampton but i came last there anyway, it was boring as hell, plus GW Coventry couldnt go because they didnt have enough people to go on the coach(sp?)

Im going definately going to the grandtournament tho in january, only if there are going to be more places for the Lotr players than the 40k'ers and the fantasy, at my local GW theres the staff who play but theres only about including me there is about 5 other people which is kinda rubbish

13-07-2005, 13:05
I know this idea has been beaten to death, but I think part of the problem is GW's unspoken rule that this game is the game they don't really want people to play. I am sure at a company level, GW wants it to sell, sell, sell. But at the store level, I have witnessed a considerable amount of animosity towards it.

Typically each and every customer that comes in is discouraged from playing it. I believe this is largely due to a fear that WFB players have that they are being attacked by the game. A real fear imho, as we have all been burned by GW time and again. They fear that their collection worth hundreds of dollars will be rendered useless...

In any case, I have been actively looking for opponents for over two years and still have yet to find a regular playing group.... Perhaps play will pick up once the movies are not so fres hand the game is not considered a child's game, but that remains to be seen. In Canada they haven't even bothered to put a LOTR tournament together at all.


13-07-2005, 13:28
Neldoreth, you are right. It has been discussed a few times before! You are also right, in my opinion, that shop staff do not promote LOTR as much as other systems. I was also very annoyed at a Conflict event in 2003 when the organiser made many disparaging remarks about LOTR.

13-07-2005, 15:27
I think basically the LotR game is a non-GW game, that unfortunately happens to be made and sold by GW. It's a very different kettle of fish to the usual Warhammer fare, and GW used to equal Warhammer. The miniatures are different in scale and style, the game doesn't share the fundamental mechanisms that most GW games use, it's not based on army building and competition, it's not as open to creativity, it doesn't have skulls all over it and so forth.

And the people that play and collect it are different too. True, there are some who enjoy both Warhammer and LotR, but there's no particular connection between the two. It's more like some people enjoy both Warhammer and Magic; the Gathering. Whereas people who enjoy both Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K are a lot more common, because the two are very similar and there's a large amount of crossover and common ground.

The LotR game won't become the Warhammer systems' little brother, no matter how succesful it is, it's just not family. And as such it doesn't belong at family meetings, it'll be an outsider. I don't think LotR gamers have any particular desire to visit a GW tournament because it's basically a Warhammer event. Plus the game by nature doesn't lend itself as well to tournaments anyway. I'm not sure the LotR-only crowd "gets" the Warhammer tournament spirit. What with all the personalised army building and intricate army list building that LotR doesn't have.

As for the attitude of some Warhammer fans towards LotR, that is unfortunate, and bloody annoying. But I suppose we'll have to live with it, nerds will be nerds. With any luck it's just us few who are into Warhammer as well as LotR who even notice the hostility.

13-07-2005, 16:16
I agree with your point about LOTR not being a system that doesn't lend itself to tournaments. It is more about the characters and scenarios that army selection.