View Full Version : BFG: Does an Ork Horde Fleet Have a Chance?

Da Reddaneks
14-12-2006, 16:23
i have been trying a fleet configuration of nothing but raveners/savages (which ever one has the 15 cm heavy gunz) and onslaughts and have been getting utterly curshed by capital ships? The other guys who play in my area run almost exclusively capital ships and they seem to fair infinitely better than me. My rational that i am trying for is multiple targets and onslaughts put out an exceptioinal amount of firepower for their cost. But i am litterally getting no where with the "horde fleet" concept.

(A) Who has tried this and to what success? (B) Thoughts or suggestions?

14-12-2006, 17:30
Going to go with B.

I think that Escort heavy fleets are usable fleets.

Right now you have no variety though.
Add some Savages to the mix.
Hiding a few small squadrons of Brute Ram ships behind the other squadrons helps them survive to get close and Ram.
All Escorts is fragile - Eldar fragile. I would add at least a few Capital Ships. I would have 2 Terror Ships and a Kill Kroozer, possibly squadroned together (525 pts for the three). Or 2 Kill Kroozers and 1 Terror Ship (495 pts) frees up 30 points.

A fleet needs some anti-ordance.

A mixed squadron of 2 Ravagers, 2 Onslaughts, & 2 Savages puts out lots of firepower (2D6+6 Gunz, 8 Heavy Gunz, 2D6 Torpedoes) at 240. I would have
2 of these flanking the Capital Ship core (2 Squadrons 480).

2 pairs of Brutes even closer to the core, waiting until the Orks get close to the enemy and then break out to ram capital ships. (2 Squadrons - 200 points)

The last Squadron needs to be ready to take a beating. They are the front line. 2 Savages & 2 Onslaughts 190 points. Bracing for impact the moment they are fired at.

This leaves room for 2 Warlords and all but the Maniac Gunners upgrade and the 2 re-rolls.

14-12-2006, 18:40
Hmm, I'd agree that you'd be better off just putting the emphasis on escorts rather than going all-escort.

On Orangesm's escort ideas however, I would in fact put the Ram ships out front. They're just as survivable as the other escorts but much cheaper! Use them as agressively as possible to make your opponent shoot them so that the rest of your fleet can close relatively unscathed.

I would also tend towards not using mixed squadrons, although I can certainly see the sense in mixing a couple of Ravagers to an Onslaught squadron so that the cheaper Ravagers can be used as shields for the more expensive Onslaughts.

Blagrot Squigbreff
14-12-2006, 22:24
Another vote for focusing on escorts instead of all-escort, I did use an all-Brute fleet for a few games - it was fairly successful but boring and universally hated;) .

I've also used Ork fleets with a heavy emphasis on escorts, I can't find any lists at the moment but what I remember was 2 Terror Ships for my capital ships (with bosses) and small groups of 3 escorts. Brutes out front to see what damage they could inflict before dying, 2 Onslaughts and a Ravager for my mainstays and groups of Savages for a little extra punch. The Ravagers die first and can sometimes use their torpedoes as defence against ordinance.

It worked well and it always felt very piratey:cool: but was fairly fragile and getting more shields for the Terror ships was a good call.

15-12-2006, 19:59
I think a fleet of entirely brutes and kroozers would be a very strong list. The brute is a fantastic ship and also very cheap. The other escorts i just include because I have them, they're very hit and miss if you're trying to play competitively.

15-12-2006, 22:32
Any Fleet consisting entirely of Escorts will get eaten alive by Chaos fleets, thanks to their easy access to assault boats.

You need at the very least a Terror ship in order to pump out some Fighta Bomma cover...