View Full Version : Dwarf miner :O

14-12-2006, 15:29
Sorry forthe cuestion but swarf miner can charge the turn they apear??? like the guter runer or the tomb scorpion???

14-12-2006, 15:33
No. .................

14-12-2006, 15:40
Yes, the short answer is no.

But, if you combine them with the anvil of doom, then you are able to use one of the Anvil's runes to allow them to have a second movement. The you will be able to charge in the second movement.

14-12-2006, 17:27
It's also worth noticing that they cannot march either.EDIT: On the turn they arrive, that is.

15-12-2006, 01:17
It's also worth noticing that they cannot march either.

Why they canīt march??? :S

15-12-2006, 01:54
He MIGHT be saying that they can't march on the turn they arrive. I could be wrong though.

15-12-2006, 02:27
Sure they can.

15-12-2006, 03:15
Well, dwarves say that they can always march in the presence of enemy units blocking them.

Reserves state no unit may march.

I don't see any dwarven rules overriding this march restriction from reserves.

So no, Miners cannot march the turn they come into play from reserves.

15-12-2006, 06:34
They cannot march because the rule says they move as any unit returning from a pursue outside the battlefield. All unit returning from such a pursue cannot march. It isn´t the same thing as marching with enemy within 8´.

15-12-2006, 12:29
I dont have the book currently with me, but i seem to remember that in the dwarf book it says that for miners, they cant charge, but can march on the turn they arrive. Not a 100% positive on this, need to check the book tonight.