View Full Version : 1st muster. 1000p Empire army.

10-07-2005, 02:41
As I have decided to create a 2000 point Empire army which can be found elsewhere on this board. As 2000p is a bit to much to collect and paint in one go I will build up the army slowly starting with a base 1000 points that will be built upon as time goes by...

Captain + full plate, shield and holy relic = 105p

Captain + full plate, shield, great weapon and Pegasus = 114p

Wizard = 60p

23 Swordmen + FC = 186p
+ 8 Halbardiers = 48p

8 Knights + FC = 224p

10 Handgunners = 80p

10 Handgunners = 80p

1 Cannon = 100p

The list is almost a stripped down version of my original 2000p plan. The Captain lends the battleline his leadership and stays nice an safe in the Swordsman unit. The other Captain flaps around on his Pegasus (which should be a nasty suprise in a 1000 point Empire list) march blocking and warmachine destroying. The knights give the army a solid punch and with the rank bonus and standard have a good chance of breaking a unit after it has been whittled down by firepower. The two units of handgunners provide security for the flanks (along with my Pegasus Captain). The cannon is there to take out anything really scary (warmachines, heavy cavalry, expencive units etc). Lastly the wizard is thrown into the mix to be able to counter any opponants magic and maybe even get off a couple of spells during the battle.

One thing I was thinking of doing differently is to give my Captain Van Horstmann's speculum and using the extra points to buy a Warbanner for the Knights but that does mean that unit does become really expencive weighing in at 249 points (almost illegal).


10-07-2005, 05:23
im thinking one captain should have the armor of meteoric iron and a great weapon, in 1000 points that is a nasty character to have with a unit, also i would turn those halberdiers attached to the swordsmen into more swordsmen, the halberdiers dont have the survivability that i would be looking for in a detachment.