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14-12-2006, 20:45
Alright, so I read the wood elf book, and had a neat Idea. Under "The Betrayal" there is a section that describes a Renegade Treeman and his army of Trees that attempted to overthrow Orion. I've thought about it, and think it would make a cool army theme.

The only question I have is, the Treeman. Should he be a LoC or a DP?

Lord of Change
Herald- Disc, BsB, Banner of Wrath, Master of Sorcery

2x11 Horrors, Champs
7 Flamers
5 Screamers

3 Changebringers
4 Changebringers

The army has 10 PD, and 7 DD with a Spell Destroyer, so I feel magically, it can be dominant. For conversions, I would do a daemonic Treeman, Horrors would be "withered" and chaotic Dryads, Flamers would be Old Dryads or Flamer/Dryad conversions, Screamers could be Giant Eagles with green stuff spikes and Flamer Heads, and the Changebringers could be Flame Wreathed Treekin or Old Treemen. Thoughts?

I have the list with standard models, I just thought a new spin on it would be cool.

14-12-2006, 23:47
I really like the idea. That would be very cool to look at.

15-12-2006, 01:22
The biggest problem facing Tzeentch DL now is that you can no longer share dice. Because of that you are left with only 6 dice to be used by the Lord of Change and each horror champ will only have one dice to use. This will result in much weaker magic phase than Tzeentch DL was originaly designed for. I would take less flamers on foot and more Change bringers as the added protection of the Disk and increased toughness will give them more surviveablilty as well as mobility. If you can take two units of 5 you should be good. Other wise good luck with it.

On a side note try to take the army with regular horrors instead of the champs and see how well it will preform. I have a feeling that it will do much better with the extra 3 horrors you can gain for each champion. Remember that the power level of your bound spell will increase with more and the strength of the base missile will also go up.

Edit: Doh just realized who I was talkin to.

15-12-2006, 20:16
Funny, Frank.

I have yet to play my Tzeentch Legion in the new rules. I'll have to figure out how the phases will effect the army.

I am more interested in the theme idea. What would you think?:skull:

16-12-2006, 01:37
I like how you have it set up. The ony problem I see is that you are better off with the extra 6 horrors than the 2 lvl 1 wizards.

The only benifit you get from them is the extra 2 dispell dice in your opponents magic phase but you loose some offensive power. I would try both and see which one you think would benifit your play style alittle better.

callum in hat
17-12-2006, 12:29
not too sure about the list............
but the models sound amazing, it also shows that tzeentch can corrupt anyone and i would really like to play it some time