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Captain Ardias
15-12-2006, 14:28
I was just wondering if anyone knows what kind of names kroots have, how/why they get it, do they mean something special? The only one I know of is Anghkor prok.

15-12-2006, 17:10
Kroot tend to have simple names based around simple, glottal sounds (they can replicate human speech quite well if they try, but they'd naturally veer towards names easily pronounced through a beak). Lots of o's and k's and g's if you don't know where to begin.

Not sure if there's a official guide to Kroot naming, but Anghkor Prok translates well to 'sitting bull' - emphasising their animist approach to naming. Fluffwise, your names should translate to stereotypical native American standards.

15-12-2006, 17:18
Or Maori or Maasai. Any of the 'noble savage' stereotypes, really.
Anghkor Prok sounds rather cambodian but I find more k's and g's need to be added, as Kegluneq said.

Here's some kroot names I saved when I was trying to think of names for my shapers.
Mataba, Omutu, Khibala Yusra, the Murabla kindred.
They're from various sources, which I can't unfortunately find. They seem to me to be more on the african side of things, which is still pretty damn vague. Best of luck.

15-12-2006, 17:32
I went for gutteral sounds, things that come from the throat since kroot don't have lips and teeth.

Krogin, Urkra, Yabala, etc

I've also looked into some southeast asian/african names as well, they seem to work with the krooty way.

15-12-2006, 19:31
Yambhall, Glinghor, Korhvon etc.

15-12-2006, 21:27
There are some Kroot in "For the emperor", IIRC some with names (too tired to search now).
But the names Kroot and Anghkor are lend from Vietnamese resp. Cambodian language. Otherwise consider some bird sounds within the name, as the Kroot language has avian elements.

Here some names used in the unofficial Codex Kroot: Khowat Khar, Gihurrd, Khi'haw, Ahphut, Kideb.

My shapers war name is Kroothawk, after the highly revered Pech bird.