View Full Version : Tomb kings 2250pts

17-12-2006, 23:20
Tomb king 316
golden Ankhra
Chariot of fire
Broch of the desert
heavy weapon

tomb prince 144
Scorpion armor
heavy weapon

lich priest 160
staff of ravening

lich priest, hierophant 160
cloak of the dunes
Hieratic jar

35 skeleton warriors, shields, light armor, full command, banner of the undying legion 365

10 skeleton archers 80

10 skeleton archers 80

8 heavy horsemen 128

3 chariots, champion, standart bearer 160

4 Ushabtis 260

2 scorpions 170

2 Catapults, skulls of the foes 220

total 2243

I would use the archers to hide my hierophant, the scorpions are going to hunt warmachines or protect mine. The cavalry provide support for the chariots and the ushabtis support the block of skeletons and the tomb prince adds some additionnal durability. My chariots would deploy on one side of the table next to a catapult while my ushabti would be ont other side near the other catapult, with the skeletons in the middle.

what do you think? Should I change the catapults for a unit of 3 ushabtis, or a giant? Or perhap I should change my king for a liche high priest and my chariots for Ushabtis? I was also thinking of removing the horsemen to make 2 units of 3 Ushabtis. I just love the Ushabti models!