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17-12-2006, 23:28
Im getting back into skaven and am revamping my army.
heres my tester list


Grey Seer
Eye of Horned rat
Warpstone Charm


Warlock Engineer
Storm Deamon

Warlock Engineer

War banner
hvy armour


24 Storm Vermin

25 Clanrats

25 Clanrats

20 Slaves

8 Night Runners

8 Night Runners


25 Plague Monks

6 Jezzails

6 Jezzails


7 Censor Bearers

4 Ogres
Great Weapons

Pts 1,999

So what do you think?

Will it be effective and is it well balanced

Comments Appreciated

18-12-2006, 03:54
well... I don't like the stormvermin. Never have, never will. I'd much rather take those points and buy some more clanrats and a couple blocks of slaves to go with (I will take 4 slaves to your 1 stormvermin any day of the week).

Also, where's the fun in this list! Yes, it's sound tacitcally, but there's definitely ways to be tactically good and still cause some wacky stuff to happen. I like the ogres. Definitely a cool option that not enough players take advantage of. Plus, it'll add some bite to the army. But besides the ogres, there's really no character in this army! I'd ditch the jezzies and add some weapon teams or tunnelers or rat swarms (or massive numbers of slaves!) or something that will cause weird stuff to happen and will be FUN!

If you ditch the stormvermin, the BSB (who isnt allowed to take a shield btw), and the Jezzails you free up 556 pts. Use this to grab three blocks of 25 clanrats w/ command groups for 390 pts. Use this to grab 4 blocks of 20 slaves for 160 pts, leaving you sitting at a nice 1,993 pts value.

This way, you can increase your model count by 118 (bringing your total army count to 280! Now you can laugh maniacally as your brown sea advances towards the enemy!

If you don't want to go down the "you can't kill all of this" path, then you could drop the stormies, BSB, and Jezzies, and grab some globadiers, weaopn teams, and tunnelers or something. This will cause some weirder, wackier stuff to happen, which is really the only way to play Skaven!

18-12-2006, 05:48
definitely keep the stormvermin, they are instant style pts.
you should definitely take as many slave units as possible tho, imho

first of all your night should be either 5 or 9 strong, i'd say make them both 5 for throwaway deployments and screens for your frenzied troops

2 units of jezzails is a bit much, i'd drop one for a unit of slaves and beefing up a clanrat unit

also think about trading an engineer for a plague priest w/ flail... 4 s6 attacks definitely adds some hittiness to your monk unit

18-12-2006, 09:13
Some ratlingguns are fun and can be very effective against knights and skirmishers and everything else (including your own troops).

18-12-2006, 11:21
Good opinions

A question in the new rules cant weapon teams be singled out. Thats what ive heard and why i didnt include them

I am not including alot of models as i have do not have the time or patiance to paint 80 more models ontop of redoing everything else.

I have never used jezzails but added the second unit as i no longer see weapon teams as that effective. But I will look into spending the second units points in other places.

also never had much success with globadiers i personaly think they are over priced but love the mini's

18-12-2006, 13:37
In addition to the good points already mentioned can I add
1) Weapons team still have a role to play. They are still feared and even though they can be singled out, they are worth the pts.
2) Don't write off globadiers completely. A unit of 5 will irritate any cavalry unit and deflect their attention.
3) 5 Censers are sufficient. Models in btb with them are affected and too many Censers increases the probability of them (as opposed to their enemy) failing the toughness test.
4) Similarly units of 5 Night Runners to bait and distract are sufficient.

18-12-2006, 18:22
why call it a warlord clan... when there is no Warlord in it???

18-12-2006, 19:30
i am now considering droping the bsb for a plague priest with a flail. while there will be a drop in holding power i will make the plague monk unit hard as nails(for skaven). i will also drop the night runners down to 5 a unit.

with the extra points i think i will invest in a ratling gun attatched to the stormvermin unit.

I could also drop a 2 censor bearer for 4 globadiers but im not sure if it is worth it.

desert dirge i called it a war lord clan as there is no denomination towards any of the four greater clans in the list.

19-12-2006, 14:21
cool... I'd keep the censorbearers.. 4 globadiers isn't going to do much.

21-12-2006, 01:16
yeah i dont think i will

my 1000 pt list is...


warlock engineer
storm deamon

warlock engineer


25 clanrats

24 stormvermin

5 globadiers


25 plague monks
extra hand weapon


4 ogres
great weapons

1000 pts

what do you think?

22-12-2006, 10:31
Stormvermine are to expensive in such a small army

23-12-2006, 12:23
just got done a 1100 pt game against a khorne army

he had
1 khorne exalted champion

1 khorne aspiring champion

block of 20 maruaders shield hand weapon

block of 12 chaos warriors with shields

5 chosen knights

12 bloodletters

i used my 1000 pt list plus a ratling gun and plague priest and 5 night runners droped 4 stormvermin and 1 plague monk

i learned some valuable lessons in the game such as dont ever excpect rats to far to well in combat even if you have killed half of the opposing unit.
In the end it was a solid victory with none of his models left on the table at the end. Due mostly to alot of failed charges on his part when i retreated my bait units and to sacrificing my ogres so i could finish of his chosen.

mvp of the match suprisingly globadiers and night runners. the globadiers accounted for 3 bloodletters 3 warriors and 1 chosen knight. while the night runners ran around the field misderecting both the chaos warriors and the bloodletters.

23-12-2006, 16:21
Doesn't surprise me that 5 globadiers did well. They're often ignored by opponents as too few pts to bother - a costly mistake on their part.
You were slightly lucky with them. Killing 2 knights would be more normal for globadiers and that would be job done!
Your opponent could have made more effective choices instead of his relatively slow army - warhounds etc.